As usual, I have been whipsawed by my baseball team. The Pittsburgh Pirates will tear a heart out. They look good enough to win half of the time, and look worse than they have in a while the other this point of our young season.

This year, so far, it seems that the pitching has failed. The culprits were the patchwork 5th starter and a temp. I thought the pitching would be better this year.

It looks like we need one more pitcher for the rotation and still struggle with depth to cover injuries and doubleheaders.

With the coming of Tabata and Alvarez, who gets traded that's worth a good, not great, pitcher? Do we trade Tabata, LaRoche, Jones and/or Clement. Could there be a blockbuster for Alvarez? With most teams struggling at the back of the rotation, is this possible?

A trade or two are coming. This year it will be to build and not to sell out. What player or two gets our Buccos a pitcher or two?

Do we have a reasonable, noteworthy chance of someone in the minors coming up and pitching at a big league talent level? Vasquez is looking better all the time.

I hate to see Andy LaRoche go, but he may get shuffled anyway. He is a championship chip.