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Thread: Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .

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    Default Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .

    Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .
    By PATRICK MCMANAMON - Akron Beacon Journal
    Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009

    First-and-10 on the Browns:

    1. Another game, another loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It would be nice to think after one of these games that the Browns are getting closer to the Steelers. But it also would be nice to think that Tinkerbell is going to lavish wealth and jobs on our community.

    2. So Brady Quinn's house is for sale. Let's see. Expensive house. Guy doesn't think he has a long-term future in Cleveland. So a guy figures he'll get a jump on a slow market and put the house up for sale now and hopefully, he figures, when he's traded after the season, he'll have the house sold or close to sold. Quinn no doubt would have accepted a trade Tuesday. But it's more likely he just put the house up now to save himself some trouble later. The misuse and near waste of this young quarterback's talent will forever hang over the Browns.

    3. Spent some time talking to Bruce Arians after the game Sunday. He's the Steelers' offensive coordinator, but he's also a former Browns offensive coordinator. He's a good example of the Browns' struggles. He is a very good coach, but he was fired in Cleveland. Last season, he got a ring when the Steelers won the Super Bowl. A guy who couldn't coach in Cleveland has had much to do with the development of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger into an elite player. So I asked him what the secret was to the Steelers getting so many receivers running open Sunday. He said he and the rest of the Steelers noticed on film that the Browns like to blitz a safety on first and second down. So they figured if they protected Roethlisberger, they would have a chance for some big plays because the Browns were vacating an area of the defense on early downs. Lo and behold, the Steelers completed nine passes for longer than 20 yards, two for 19 yards. Nine of the 11 big gains came on - you guessed it - first and second down. Then when the Browns rushed just three or four, the Steelers were really able to protect - as evidenced by Roethlisberger making his teammates a grilled-cheese sandwich while he surveyed the defense. This is called good coaching.

    4. Arians thought about the number of quarterbacks the Browns have used since he left. "It's a shame because they've had some quality quarterbacks," he said. "Go with one and he's your guy and live with it and build a football team around him. Quit pretty much playing roulette with that position." It's a virtual lock that Brett Ratliff gets some starts before the season ends, and that there's a new quarterback next season.

    5. A pretty lengthy list of changes since he left was mentioned to Arians. "There's a word missing there," he said. "It's called patience." The difference between the Steelers and Browns? He used one word: "Continuity." Continuity means finding a way to do things, finding players to fit that approach and making it work. It means riding out ups and downs, but not settling for less or making excuses for lack of success. It means signing a guy like Brett Keisel, because he's a very good three-four defensive end, and keeping him. Brett Keisel might not play for a lot of teams because he doesn't fit the NFL profile. But he fits the Steelers, and he's very effective there. It's why the Steelers are so far different from the Browns right now.

    6. I'm thinking that Joshua Cribbs might be earning his contract extension.

    7. Interesting how Chansi Stuckey arrives and suddenly displaces Mike Furrey. Furrey has barely seen the field since the trade, and Stuckey has, even though he had no practice time at all with his new team - and even though he's not catching passes. Is it because Stuckey played for the New York Jets? Meanwhile, we're talking about Mike Furrey and Chansi Stuckey here. It's not like either is Brandon Stokley.

    8. In the second quarter, coach Eric Mangini challenged a call on Steelers running back Willie Parker's nonfumble, even though there was no good replay that immediately showed it should be challenged. Even with that, Mangini threw the flag - and it made sense. Because if he had won the challenge, he'd have seriously changed the momentum of the game. This is the point of replay - to fix the error that is obviously wrong, and to give coaches the chance to choose what plays to challenge. Coaches then decide the risk vs. the reward. Mangini didn't win the challenge, but it was worth the risk - because the reward could have been great.

    9. The NFL reception rule makes no sense at all. For this reason: A running back can run to the goal line, trip, fall and have the ball knocked out of his hands when he hits the ground. It's a touchdown. Because he "broke the plane." A receiver, though, can catch a pass, break the plane, get two feet down, fall, roll over and then lose the ball. It's incomplete. This is not even close to being consistent.

    10. The Browns actually improved their 12-game touchdown-to-possession percentage in the game. This is a new stat made up by me. Heading into the game, the Browns had scored on three of their previous 128 possessions. That's 2.3 percent. By scoring on one of 12, they are now 4-for-140. That's 2.9 percent. Which means that on Sunday, the Browns followed the coach's dictum of "getting better every day."

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    Default Re: Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .

    intersting post thanks for the inside info...line about making a cheeseburger for the teammates ..was priceless cracked me up.

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    Default Re: Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .

    I work with aguy who is from Toledo. He is a die-hard Browns fan. DIE-HARD! Anyway....supernice guy and I have nothing but respect for him....HOWEVER, I cannot help but give him a grin when I see him on Sundays. I also frequently remind him of Jack Lambert's pile-drive of Brian Sipe.

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    Default Re: Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .

    Got 2 things things out of it:

    1. BA runs his mouth too much.
    2. BA sounds as if he wants to stay here a long time.

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    Default Re: Going first-and-10 with the Browns . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by bleedBnG58 View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Got 2 things things out of it:

    1. BA runs his mouth too much.
    2. BA sounds as if he wants to stay here a long time.
    ... And both of those things are bad....
    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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