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Thread: +/- on Fangraphs

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    Default +/- on Fangraphs

    I don't know if anyone else saw it, but just today I discovered that Fangraphs is now carrying +/- in addition to UZR on their advance defensive stats section. They seem to be using a modified version where they're converting it to runs saved rather than plays above average.

    The numbers for the most part tend to agree with UZR, but there are some that differ. One guy who came out pretty differently between the two systems was Andrew McCutchen. Among the 18 qualifying center fielders last year UZR had McCutchen right around the middle in 10th place with a -0.7. +/- actually his him near the bottom with a -8, good for 15th.

    They have 2010 +/- data up for the ridiculously small sample thus far and the overall league leader for all positions is Ronny Cedeno's +5. Weird.

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    Default Re: +/- on Fangraphs

    Defensive stats are difficult to have faith in... I like the UZR stats and such because it gives you something else to look at and consider and I like the concept... I just don't like how they go about getting the stats since it is completely subjective at best and highly questionable.

    I know that by virtue of reading Popular Science and Mechanics that there is a video camera system that was supposed to go into play this year to measure defense. It's going to measure distances, averages, arm strength, speed etc... everything that Fangraphs produces except with a far more reliable source. It was questionable whether the information would be released publicly or just for teams. I haven;t heard more on it
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