Whether you like the Florida Gators or not, you've got to admit this is pretty funny...
Florida Gators fans trying to buy billboard in Tallahassee, FSU Seminole country
Noah Pransky

TALLAHASSEE, Florida - A group of Florida Gator fans are trying to erect a giant reminder of Florida State's football troubles...in Tallahassee.

GatorTailgating.com is calling upon University of Florida football fans to make small contributions so they can put this billboard up in Florida State's hometown for six months.

"It's been more than 2,000 days (and) 6 years since FSU last beat Florida in Football," the billboard will read.

The billboard's webpage says the message will go up on I-10, twenty miles outside of Tallahassee (westbound outside of Monticello) and "will serve as a daily reminder to all Seminoles of the Gator's continuing domination on the football field."

The website is seeking donations between $5 and $50 and hopes to have the $7,500 necessary for a six-month billboard rental raised by summer.