Much ado about nothing

"Is your mother a prostitute?".

That's the pre-draft interview question that Miami GM Jeff Ireland asked of Oklahoma St WR Dez Bryant?

This was prior to the Dolphins deciding if they were willing to draft him and hand over more than 23-million dollars to the player. The player who was the Rubik's Cube of the draft...a high risk/high reward talent.


What's the problem?

Should Ireland not have done background and homework on Bryant and others? Heck, Bryant's issues have been well documented. His mom was 15 years old when he was born. His dad was 40 at the time. Mom and dad both spent time in jail. Mom sold drugs. The rumors of Bryant's mother and his life had been flying for weeks leading up to the draft. Heck, I talked to an NFC Scout and an NFL talent evaluator last week who said I wouldn't believe the baggage that came with Bryant.

Let's remember, Bryant made the question public in an interview with Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports.
The question was asked in a one on one interview, not on national TV. Bryant is the one that has made this a topic today. What a nice present for mom on Mother's Day....the rumors of her prostitution.

If she's not a prostitute then it seems like an easy question to answer for Bryant.

Is the question relevant? Maybe not to you. It must have been for the GM who was considering asking his owner to invest 23+ million dollars, with more than 13 million guaranteed. (Miami drafted 12th, prior to their trade down with San Diego. Last year Denver gave the 12th pick, Knowshown Moreno, a 5-year deal for 23-million with 12-million guaranteed).

Again. And?

I got a kick out of ESPN's Michael Wilbon saying Ireland violated the NFL Code of Conduct with the question.

So...worry more about questions asked about conduct than the actual conduct? Right.

The NFL is dropping the hammer on guys with Ben Roethlisberger.

If I'm paying that money I'll ask all I need to feel comfortable....from thoughts on the death penalty to boxers or briefs? Ginger or Mary Anne?, paper or plastic?

Would you prefer Ireland just accepted the rumors and not even consider drafting the kid?
Hell, he gave Bryant a chance to answer the rumors. What a concept. And Ireland is getting killed for it?

Under pressure he apologized to Bryant. Case closed. Do you feel better now?

Much ado about nothing.