This one's for LVG..............
This article ranks all of the "decision makers" in the NFL.... Here's the section about the Steelers, and you can go read the rest of the list at the link below.... LVG, you may not want to go read it. The #1 might just push you over the edge...
5. Kevin Colbert, director of football operations, Pittsburgh Steelers[/HIGH-LIGHT]
— His moves (especially in tandem with former coach Bill Cowher) have been a huge factor in the Steelers' two titles since 2005. He's quietly done a first-rate job in the first round over the last decade, importing Plaxico Burress (2000), Casey Hampton (2001), Troy Polamalu (2003), Ben Roethlisberger (2004), Heath Miller (2005) and Santonio Holmes (2006). Of course the recent character concerns regarding Roethlisberger and Holmes — who hooked up for the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII— have taken some of the luster off those choices. Colbert has also had trouble finding studs in Round 2, LaMarr Woodley being the notable exception.

[HIGH-LIGHT]• Best pick: Polamalu[/HIGH-LIGHT]— His value was never more apparent than 2009 when the historically stout defense sagged badly without him. Probably the most versatile safety in the game today, and few are as effective in run support, coverage and rushing the passer. Colbert traded up 11 spots to No. 16 to get Polamalu.

[HIGH-LIGHT]• Worst pick: Alonzo Jackson[/HIGH-LIGHT]— A linebacker taken the round after Polamalu, Jackson had just eight tackles in two seasons before getting his pink slip.