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Thread: Indy Prospects through April

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    Default Indy Prospects through April

    Justin Thomas may find himself in the Pittsburgh bullpen. Anyone know his history? Any chance of them "stretching him out" to see if he can be a starter?

    From Tim Williams...
    Good as Advertised

    Jose Tabata - Tabata was on fire in the mont of April, with a .308/.370/.429 line in 91 at-bats, with two homers, and nine stolen bases. The .429 slugging percentage isn't much, but it's an improvement over the .404 line in Altoona last year, and the .410 line in Indianapolis.

    Steve Pearce - There's no question that Pearce is good at the AAA level. In over 850 at-bats, he has a .282/.354/.482 line. However, Pearce has been on fire this year, with a .367/.474/.633 line in the month of April, including a 13:16 K/BB ratio in 79 at-bats. The performance could get Pearce a promotion before this week is over.

    Justin Thomas - Thomas has only pitched in five games, going ten innings, but has been excellent in that time. He has a 2.70 ERA, an 11:1 K/BB ratio, and one home run allowed. Thomas is left handed, and could end up in the majors at some point this season.

    The Big Surprises

    Neil Walker - Coming in to the season, Walker had a career on-base percentage below .300 at the AAA level. Walker hit for a .321/.396/.524 line in the month of April, with a 13:11 K/BB ratio in 84 at-bats. Walker also homered three times and stole seven bases. Walker has also played at first, second, and third base, plus left field.

    Donald Veal - How many people saw Veal's April performance from the starting rotation coming? Veal put up a 3.22 ERA in four starts, spanning 22.1 innings, with a 14:9 K/BB ratio. The 3.6 BB/9 ratio represents a big improvement for Veal, although he had some control trouble in his most recent start on May first. Veal is on the short list of starting pitching prospects in the upper levels, and could end up in the majors this season if the Pirates' rotation woes continue.

    Luke Carlin - Carlin was expected to be the backup catcher to Erik Kratz, but has actually received more at-bats this season, and has been excellent in those at-bats. Carlin had a .378/.451/.511 line in 45 at-bats in the month of April. In 2009 he hit for a .321/.430/.481 line at the AAA level, although that was in the PCL. Carlin won't keep this level of performance up, but something around his 2009 numbers would be excellent.

    Kind of Disappointing

    Pedro Alvarez - I'm not worried about the slow start by Pedro Alvarez, for all of the reasons I listed this past week. However, you can't deny that his April numbers (.224/.298/.424 in 85 at-bats) weren't ideal. This is the first time Alvarez has seen AAA pitching, and he's already showing signs of breaking out of his early season slump in the last few days.

    Brandon Moss - Not only did Moss struggle at the major league level last year, he's also struggling at the AAA level. Moss hit for a .224/.288/.343 line in 67 at-bats in the month of April. He's quickly falling further and further down the outfield depth charts.

    Brad Lincoln - Lincoln's season hasn't been extremely disappointing, but he's not putting up the numbers you'd want from your top pitching prospect, especially since he's already seen the AAA level before. Lincoln has a 4.76 ERA in 28.3 innings of work. The big concern is that he's not striking out many, with a 5.7 K/9 ratio. His walks are low, and his .269 BAA is decent, but he won't be much more than a number three starter at best if he doesn't improve the strikeout numbers."

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Indy Prospects through April

    Quote Originally Posted by tocchet92 View Post
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    Justin Thomas may find himself in the Pittsburgh bullpen. Anyone know his history? Any chance of them "stretching him out" to see if he can be a starter?
    He's a lefty with a decent arm, good movement, and poor command. He was starting as recently as 2008, but I think he's been viewed mainly as a reliever going forward for a while. 10 innings is too small a sample to be excited about, but I'm very surprised he's only walked one. He had a very small amount of MLB time in 2008 (4 innings), but didn't get much of a shot in the spring this year. The Pirates claimed him on waivers from the Mariners this offseason then passed him right back through waivers a couple weeks later.

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