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Thread: Kevin Goldstein on the Bradenton Marauders (audio)

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    Default Kevin Goldstein on the Bradenton Marauders (audio)

    Kevin Goldstein from Baseball Prospectus did the Pirates postgame show last night to talk about the success in Bradenton. He was sure to warn against getting too optimistic about an A+ team, but he has some pretty good things to say all things considered. He's pretty cautious with his reports at that level, so you have to consider that.

    Very high on Bryan Morris so far this year. This is what has been expected of him all along, but he struggled with the injuries and had a really bad 2009. Good velocity, very good curveball, and he's all over the strike zone. He's a little old due to all the issues, but he should get a bump to AA by the all star break, then he'll be at a reasonable age appropriate level. He has the best shot of all the pitchers here to have big league success.

    Diego Moreno is a guy with good velocity, great command, and great numbers, but he's kind of a 1 pitch guy at this point. Whether he'll find a consistent second pitch is the big question with him. If he can't he may be one of those guys who can dominate in A ball, but may struggle at AA.

    Jeff Locke is similar to Morris in that people were expecting this kind of thing from him all along and he's starting to put things together(this was before his most recent start). Projectible lefty, above average velocity, and good downward movement. Can struggle with mechanics, but things have been going alright. Just needs to avoid the PPPC (Pirates pitching prospects curse).

    Nathan Adcock doesn't have great stuff, but is a crafty type who looks like he may have a big league future. Average fastball, good breaking stuff, changes speeds well. More a back of the rotation or middle reliever type as he has the pitch repertoire of a guy who really confuses lower level hitters.

    Tony Sanchez has performed very well, but it hasn't been a surprise. He's just doing what he's expected to do, or maybe only slightly better. As a polished college hitter you expect him to be able to beat up Florida State League pitching, so you have to temper your enthusiasm until he starts doing similar things at AA.

    Starling Marte opened a lot of eyes last year, and he's been more impressed by him this year. He seems to have come in with a new mature approach where he's trying to wait on his pitches, and take a few walks when needed. When a guy makes a change it's expected that he'll strike out a bit more often. Eventually should develop 15 HR type power, has great speed, and is very good defensively. A future above average CF.

    Brock Holt is a "scrappy" type. At only about 5'10" 160 he's not sure what to make of him ultimately. Good defensive instincts, but doesn't have SS athleticism and may have to move to 2B down the road. Plays with great energy and attitude, but he's not sure what to make of him ultimately. Also a polished college hitter, so we'll have to wait on the offense, and if he moves to 2B he's going to have to continue to hit as he moves up.

    Jeremy Farrell isn't a player to get excited about. Organizational player. Very bad at 3B, tons of big long swings.

    Quincy Latimore isn't a big high ceiling guy, but he has a nice tools package and seems to have made good progress this year. More a 4th OF type, but could be a guy with a big league future.

    Robbie Grossman is a guy who hasn't lived up to the expectations coming out of high school. He was expected to hit for good power, but it just hasn't been there. Big contact issues as well. May not have the speed to play CF, and if the power isn't there and contact isn't there he's not going to cut it as a corner OF.

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    Default Re: Kevin Goldstein on the Bradenton Marauders (audio)

    Pretty solid write up. tough to really argue against any of that. It's also a good and nice sign to see the lower levels doing well at an individual level. Could care less what the records are of the teams at each level, just what the development of the players is and how they are performing.

    Morris and Locke pitching well are definite pluses with our higher end pitching starved Org.
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    Default Re: Kevin Goldstein on the Bradenton Marauders (audio)

    I'm trying to remember how many were trying to write off Morris in Spring Training?

    I'm really excited to hear about both of those guys, and everyone else. It's kinda strange hearing that we have more than one prospect per level...I like it.

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