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Thread: Major Firings at 1250 ESPN

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    Default Major Firings at 1250 ESPN

    Be interesting to see if anyone is left here soon...

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    Default Re: Major Firings at 1250 ESPN

    I'm pretty sure the only reason "The Drive" is still on the air is that otherwise they'd have to pay those guys to sit at home. No idea when the contracts run out, but I'd expect them to either try to go way cheaper or just go all national, maybe keeping Stan and Guy. People in Pittsburgh probably aren't going to be into listening to a bunch of national shows, but apparently they weren't that into the local shows either.

    Really the station's kind of tanked since they caved to the pressure and got rid of Madden. I'm not a big fan of his show, but it seems like he was probably the only thing keeping anyone's job at that station. I'm willing to bet he brought in a huge majority of the money. Now their station's falling apart and he's off doing huge ratings for another station. You have to willing to take the negatives to get the huge boost he brings.

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