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Thread: Funny Promo "Dissing" Ohio St.

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    Default Funny Promo "Dissing" Ohio St.

    .... As a long-time Buckeye/Tressel hater, I find this hilarious!

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    Default Re: Funny Promo "Dissing" Ohio St.

    Ohio's Best Team: Not the Buckeyes

    For more than a century, there's been only one college-football team that matters in Ohio. Right now there's still only one. But it's not Ohio State.

    The University of Cincinnati, a large but long-overlooked school better known for basketball, has turned this state's ancient football pecking order on its head. The unbeaten Bearcats, ranked No. 5, are in the thick of the national-title race while Ohio State, ranked No. 19 and coming off a humiliating loss to Purdue, is all but out of it.

    When Cincinnati initially passed Ohio State in the Associated Press poll on Oct. 4, it was the first time since 1951 that Cincinnati had jumped ahead of the Buckeyes and the first time since 2004 that any Ohio team had done so. In that poll, the two schools were still so close (No. 8 and No. 9) that most fans assumed the planets would realign. They haven't.

    "It might be that little brother is creeping up and now he's actually getting bigger than big brother," says John Rodenberg, a Cincinnati alumnus who is the head football coach at Cincinnati's Archbishop Moeller High, one of the state's top programs.

    Ohioans don't seem to know how to react to this once-inconceivable prospect. WLW, Cincinnati's football radio carrier, has responded to this turn of fortune by running a torrent of advertising spots in which a narrator touts the Bearcats and taunts the Buckeyes' No. 19 Bowl Championship Series ranking. Example: "You have to use your hands AND feet to count that low."

    One Buckeye supporter wrote in to the station predicting that the team would get pounded by its next opponent. "Then you won't be able to communicate demeaning promos about OSU across the airwaves," he wrote.

    Other Ohio State fans are trying to convince themselves that this is an anomaly. "Annoying would sum it up pretty well," says Jason Priestas, who helps run a football blog called Eleven Warriors. When it comes to the Bearcats, he says, "they're playing phenomenal ball, but over the past 100 years, they've had maybe eight seasons we'd consider solid."

    Ohio State football is no ordinary Goliath. This is one of the biggest, richest and most successful programs in college-football history playing in one of the nation's most passionate football hotbeds. The Buckeyes rank No. 5 among all college teams in winning percentage, they've had seven Heisman trophy winners (tied for the all-time record) and have appeared in the national championship game in two of the past three years. The team's quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, was the nation's top high school recruit in 2008.

    Cincinnati's football program dates back to 1885, but its all-time football record stands at exactly .500 (541 victories, 541 losses and 51 ties). Its last bowl win came against Southern Mississippi in the 2007 Bowl. The team's quarterback, Tony Pike, is a local kid who wasn't so highly recruited.

    Anyone who attended a home game on one of the two campuses would be stunned by the difference. Ohio Stadium seats 102,329, while Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium accommodates just 35,000. Ohio State brought in $65 million in football revenue in the 2007-08 fiscal year, while the Bearcats took in just over $9 million.

    Ohio State fans "kind of look down upon other teams in Ohio," says Boston Red Sox infielder Kevin Youkilis, a Cincinnati alumnus and lifelong fan who grew up 15 miles from campus. "Hopefully in years to come, UC can put itself on the map and top players will come there."

    Ohio has long been a Buckeye fiefdom. While Floridians, Texans and Californians split their loyalties among multiple major college programs, Ohio has had just one major team. Ohio State is the only Big Ten school in the entire state and until 2005, when Cincinnati joined the Big East, the state had no other school in a major conference.

    Other schools have football monopolies like this—LSU and Nebraska come to mind. But Ohio State takes it to a different level. Located in Columbus, the largest city in the nation's seventh most populous state, it attracts fans and recruits from every corner of Ohio. There's very little local competition for fans. With apologies to professional soccer, hockey and minor-league baseball, Buckeye football is by far the biggest deal in town.

    The key to Cincinnati's rise appears to be head coach Brian Kelly, a guru of offensive strategy who many observers expect to soon attract job offers from more prominent football schools. Under coach Kelly, who took over in December 2006, the Bearcats are fourth in the nation in scoring (40.7 points per game) and are in contention for their second-straight major bowl berth. The team won the Big East last season and played Virginia Tech in the FedEx Orange Bowl.

    After the Bearcats lost several of their top defenders, analysts and commentators expected the team to be good but not great. Nonetheless, the they opened the season with a rout at Rutgers, then won two weeks later at Oregon State. Their most impressive win so far was a 34-17 road victory over then-undefeated South Florida in which Mr. Pike, the quarterback, had to leave with an injury.

    Lately, the Bearcats are even starting to muscle in on another slice of Ohio State's turf—the competition for top recruits. "Since Kelly got there, they're just everywhere," says Chuck Kyle, the coach at Saint Ignatius High School, a football power in Cleveland. "It's not just a token little 'Hi, nice to see you,' and then they never come back. A lot of the credit goes to Brian. He will leave no stone unturned when finding that talent."

    As Mr. Kelly said early in his career in Cincinnati: "The goal is to not just be another team here. We know OSU is the biggest program, but we're trying to get there too. That's not just talk."

    The teams don't play each other until 2012, so the comparisons will have to remain hypothetical until then—but that doesn't mean they won't continue.

    "They're neck-and-neck, and believe me, it wasn't like that just a couple of years ago," says Mr. Rodenberg, the Moeller coach. "Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, all those Big Ten schools used to come and snatch kids from Cincinnati if they thought OSU wasn't on them. UC has squashed that. Now it's UC banging with OSU."
    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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    Default Re: Funny Promo "Dissing" Ohio St.

    I love it! OSU fans around here can be alot like bungles fans, very obnoxious. Including by brother in law. But you have to give him some credit since his fave NFL team is the 9ers
    "He had no teeth, and he was slobbering all over himself. I'm thinking, 'You can have your money back, just get me out of here. Let me go be an accountant." I can't tell you how badly I wanted out of there." Denver rookie QB John Elway, on Jack Lambert, after Lambert and the Steelers knocked Elway out of his first game as a pro (1983).

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