In keeping with the trend of making a post to complain about everything (pitching, offense, pitcher hitting) here's one where I complain about the defense. It's been going on all year, but just today:

McCutchen has been a huge disappointment defensively since coming up. Two days in a row now he's turned catchable balls into runs for the opposing team. A guy with his speed should be a much better defender than he is. Guys typically don't get better in the outfield as they age either.

Cedeno booted a ball from the pitcher, then Walker turned a double play into a base hit. I really wish the team could find a guy who actually knew how to play second. Aki, Delwyn, Walker...

The defense really hasn't been helping the pitching staff. I feel like Cedeno's generally been pretty good and I have no complaints about Jones in the OF or anyone at 1B, but just about everyone else has been bad.

I really just wish the team could be good in one area.