Recent events make you wonder about the futures of Milledge and Laroche. While both are batting around .250, Milledge has seen reduced playing time over the past weeks and Laroche has missed time, fielded poorly at 3rd and faces both Alvarez and Walker for starting time in the future. Milledge, once called a 5 tool prospect has failed to show any of them as a Pirate. For a corner outfielder, he has produced no homers and no gap power. However, he is 25 and splitting more time with Ryan Church makes little sense for this team. Church is what he is, Milledge may come around. This year is a throw away, why not keep him in there? Now for Laroche, with Perry Hill gone or a bad back caused he defensive lapses and also his lack of power for a 3rd baseman. He now faces two other challenges, Alvarez will start at 3rd when he comes, he hasn't played second and now Walker has taken advantage. Where does he go? What would you do with them?