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Thread: MORE PSTT!

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    Default MORE PSTT!

    Hey, all -

    Sorry to take up a thread on the main page, but I want to make sure everybody involved sees it, and somebody might miss it on the sticky thread. This is "just in case."

    As you may or may not know, about 18 people from Bucs Dugout are also attending the "Gathering," and are sitting with us in Section 328, thereby creating a "SuperBlog" section!

    Currently, someone over there is working on a t-shirt design commemorating the event, combining the logos of both blogs (well, BD doesn't have a "logo," per se, but that is no matter), which will be available ONLY to attendees of the gathering. The cost should be right about $13 (basically the cost of doing business). What I'd liketa know is how many of those attending would like one? Now, I KNOW you're asking "Yeah, like I'm-a buy a t-shirt sight unseen, eh, fat boy?", well, of course not. I'll post up a jpeg or summat as soon as I have one to do so. What I'd liketa have is some preliminary idea of how many the dude should plan on printing.

    Secondarily, we'd like to know WHERE everybody's coming in from, if you're not from the 'Burgh proper, because
    one of the guys @ BD is trying to get either (a) a tour (it's a non-tour day, but if we have lotsa people coming from all over [as you know Me & the GF are coming from Chicago, and there's someone from Iowa & someone from D.C. coming, f'rinstance], they might give us a "specialty," and (b) we may have someone from the F.O. address us or hang with us for a while. TBD.

    Anywhoo - thanks in advance for letting me take over a thread, and thanks for your replies!


    P.S. - we'll be able to start co-ordinating the tailgating soon... I'm thinking about bringing my "3-day, 4-alarm chili," but as of right now I am investigating the legality of being able to bring such a substance across state lines.

    Everybody's gettin' pretty hopped up about it over there, too! Can't wait to meet everybody!
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    Default Re: MORE PSTT!

    Well, you already know the schpeel from me...

    ... But here is the list of our folks attending.... Just for your reference....

    War Machine - 1
    Les - 2
    wvkeeper - 2
    NKy - 2
    Kipper - 2
    buccoray - 1
    Benny - 2
    Beezy - 2
    Cocktails - 2
    jnn - 1
    Geo - 2
    Steelreign - 2
    El Sid - 1
    exNCite - 2
    bdeff - 1
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    Default Re: MORE PSTT!

    I am coming from NW Indiana. A shirt would be sweet. It would definitely be worth the money.
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    Default Re: MORE PSTT!

    Hey, I'm going, do or die. If you have a seat, let me know, or I'll buy one closeby. I where a 2x.

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