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Thread: Send Duke to AA...

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    Default Send Duke to AA...

    Then Trade Him As Soon As Possible...

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    Default Re: Send Duke to AA...

    Trade him for Ronnie Uviedo

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    Default Re: Send Duke to AA...

    Duke's numbers this year have been strange compared to his career his numbers. He's currently posting his 2nd worst career ERA and WHIP numbers and if you remember how bad some of those years were...

    BUT, he's also putting up his highest K/9 of his career since his rookie season and alos his highest BB/9 along with his 2nd worst H/9.

    Basically his control has been good enough to strike out more people than normal but it's been bad enough to Walk more batters than usual. He's getting mroe swings and misses than usual but more hits against than usual...

    The Control isn't great but the defense isn't doing him a great deal of justice. If you don't want to use the Defense excuse then you have to combine Luck or say it's just all luck - bad luck.

    Duke's Babip is a ridiculously high .359. Last year it was .296. In 2008 it was .327. Duke's FIP isn't great but that can be attributed to a higher BB rate.

    I'd have to check it out, maybe someone else can, but it looks like Duke'
    s hold rate is way down. I mention this because Morton has had issues with holding guys on Base, and Duke seems to be having issues as well. I wonder what all of the other starters LOB% is. Duke is 4% different than last year and that can make a big difference. I still think that some of these awful Shifts by Russell and his staff are messing with the pitchers numbers or at least anything that stems from Hits
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