Power forward. Has played a rugged, physical game throughout his career. But has nasty offensive skills and a pretty filthy shot. Back in Russia (Magnitogorsk, IIRC), he used to go on what I called "Kulemin Killing Sprees" - basically he would level two or three guys (Orpik style) and then dance through all the smoldering corpses for an amazing goal. He's a player with the versatility to play either wing on any line and be effective. He really came through as a solid two-way winger last year in Toronto. Probably the best comparison I could give, is that he will end up being a more talented version of Chris Kunitz

he is looking at 2.5 mill or more but his very young and could be our core 2nd line LW for the next 4 or 5 years. plus we might geta little dicount cause him and geno are best friends.