W[HIGH-LIGHT][/HIGH-LIGHT]INDSOR, Ont. [HIGH-LIGHT]The Buffalo Sabres have suspended contract talks with Windsor Spitfire forward Zack Kassian, who was charged with assault last week after a dust-up in a downtown Windsor bar left a man bleeding with a chipped tooth.[/HIGH-LIGHT] (A "DUST UP"? LMFAO!!! )

Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier opened up about the allegations against Kassian, which haven't been proven in court, in comments published in a story in The Buffalo News by reporter John Vogl.

"It's obviously not something we condone," Regier told The News. "It's unfortunate. I happen to believe Zack's a good kid. He just put himself in a position that going forward you can't put yourself into those types of positions. It's a learning process."

Regier said the Sabres would not abandon Kassian and would continue to work with the 2009 first round pick. He added that Kassian was remorseful about being at the centre of a bad news story.

"It obviously, by his own admission, wasn't a smart thing for him to do," Regier said to The News about the alleged incident in Windsor. "It caught a wave. They won the Memorial Cup. He was out with some of his (Windsor) teammates, and he's the big guy there, getting challenged and egged on, and those are things you have to learn to walk away from. You're not on the ice. You can't take that position."

Kassian, 19, was charged with assault a few days after a 1:50 a.m. fight at The Beach Sports Bar and Grill in the 600 block of Ouellette Avenue.

A uniformed Windsor police officer was working contract duty at the bar when he noticed a commotion on the patio. He went over to find a 20-year-old man covering his mouth with blood running out.

Several other men were there yelling at each other.

The man with a hand over his mouth pointed to a man standing nearby and said that was the person who punched him.

The victim suffered a chipped tooth but didn't need immediate medical treatment.

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