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Thread: Newest example of overuse of college pitchers

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    Default Newest example of overuse of college pitchers

    Noe Ramirez, pitcher Cal State Fullerton, has had a hell of a game...7.0 IP and 13 k...only 1 R...had been completely dominant.

    The problem? They left him in with the bases loaded in the 7th when he was already at the 100 pitch mark..........he managed to get out of the inning with 2Ks and a line drive caught by 4th overall pick Christian Colon.

    And so a young kid who has just been dynamite...dynamic...and whose last energy might have been spent on his celebration after getting out of the 7th.........they trot him back out there for another hitter.

    In the end he gave up a double to that hitter and the hitter reached third on an error....

    The point? 116 pitches and you trot the kid out there intending to let him go longer obviously? Just stupid.
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    Default Re: Newest example of overuse of college pitchers

    Last week Washington State sent their best pitcher out for their first game of the day. He got bombed and threw something like 76 pitches in 2 and 2/3 innings. They lost the game, making their second game of the day a must win. They decided that their best bet was to throw that same pitcher out there again for a second start. He was actually good the second time around and got pulled after 4 innings. He didn't end up with a completely ridiculous pitch count for the day (though it was well over 100), but they say that the high pitch innings cause a lot of the stress and he definitely had those. The long layoff between the two games on the same day can't be good for him either. It was one of the crazier things I've seen a college coach do to a pitcher.

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    Default Re: Newest example of overuse of college pitchers

    And it is why I'm happy with drafting all the HS pitchers and hopefully signing them before they get a chance to have the college coaches ruin them. I said that in one of the draft threads and I'm sticking to it.

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