When a team loses as many games as the Pirates (twice as often now as they have managed to win, 25-50), it's no surprise that some of those loses are bound to be marvels. What is a surprise is that the Bucs actually don't currently have the worst record in MLB yet.

Take today's loss, for instance. After recent hammerings of Buc pitching, on this day the staff came up with a three hit gem, yielding no earned runs.

If was left to the fielders to find creative ways to lose the game, and they rose to the occasion.

As I read on the net, a dropped foul pop up by Jaramillo (which should have been the final out in the eighth inning) promptly became the game winning home run.

As an aside, I attended a game in Washington, DC, Friday night June 18th. I had purchased the tickets on-line weeks in advance when I knew I was going to be in town. As the day approached I though there would be a good chance that Strasburg would pitch, and sure enough I lucked out. The stands were packed with enthusiastic fans. Strasburg was great in his third start, hitting 99 on several pitches. I was hoping to see him hit 100, but did not.

The Nats are going in the opposite direction as the Bucs.

One last observation: Nationals Park is nice, but no PNC Park. I saw a game in Busch Sadium II last month. Ditto.