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Thread: TSN Free Agent Frenzy on Justin. tv

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    Default TSN Free Agent Frenzy on Justin. tv

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    Default Re: TSN Free Agent Frenzy on Justin. tv

    It's really hard to watch this on TSN. All these clowns talk about are the leafs.
    They seriously went on for the better part of an hour about how "Colby Armstrong is a Brian Burke type player"
    "Colby is a guy you have to pay attention to when he's on the ice"
    Yeah Leafs fans good luck with that 15 goal scorer playing a top 6 role and making 3 mil doing it. ****ing ridiculous.

    Then they start going on about how bad the salary cap is.
    "Isn't it a shame the Hawks have to break up such a good team"
    "I liked it more when there were dynasties in the NHL"
    Seriously? No salary cap is exactly the reason why Canada lost so many teams in the 90's. The cap is now the only reason that they may see expansion into a Canadian market again. What a joke these *******s are.

    These dicks just like to cry cause the leafs can't have a payroll of 100 Mil +.
    1967 forever!!!!!!!!!

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