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Thread: Shero's work over the top

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    Default Shero's work over the top

    No wonder a lot of Penguins fans have a new slogan: "In Shero We Trust."

    Shero is quick to point out it's not just him. He had glowing praise for assistant general manager Jason Botterill, who does the complicated cap arithmetic for him, and former assistant Chuck Fletcher. He also mentioned how many players took less to sign with or stay with the Penguins. He's thankful every night that Crosby set that tone by signing a five-year, $43.5 million contract extension after the '07 season, taking probably $2 million a year less than he could have demanded.

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    Default Re: Shero's work over the top

    Any Pens fans that uses "In Shero we Trust" is a ******bag Twitter is filled with a bunch of them

    Shero inherited a ****load of talent and hasn't done much to surround it and add to it via Free Agency, Trades and the Draft/Development. He's been "average" at best. After making trades for Ponikarovsky, Kwiatkowski, Kunitz etc... and having guys like Satan and Fedotenko be big off season signings for the Offense etc...

    Sorry I don't blindly "trust" Shero's ability to fill in the holes properly anymore than any other GM. I'm not even sold on the whole stack the Defense concept either. I'll wait to see if it brings us to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    I remember at the trade deadline every puck bunny and ******bag were out there with their "In Shero We Trust" badges and signs, giving blind praise and love for trading for Alexei Ponikarovsky. Ray Shero made the move so all of the suddenly, Luca Caputi was garbage and Ponikarovsky was treated like we just brought in Marian Hossa. I remember getting into an argument with someone on a Blog who was talking about how great Ponikarovsky was and how Shero was a "genius" for finding this steal . I said Shero was an ******* and Ponikarovsky was a Super Soff winger afraid of the boards with little scoring touch. Brian Burke doesn't make habit of getting rid of gritty players

    Sad thing is, Shero has made far more Ponikarovsky type decisions than he's made positive ones. Outside of the following you can go through a list and see a lot of ugly...


    Those are players off the top of my head that Shero inherited. There's not a GM that wouldn't look good with that type of talent and needing to fill in depth holes.

    Ray Shero hasn't come close to replacing Ryan Malone's production and skill. Shero just spent more than $4 million on 2 players to bring what Rob Scuderi was bringing for much less. Ryan Whitney who did suck but had value was traded for the lack of production Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi who will probably be traded for garbage before he logs true playing time with the Pens.

    Call me a dick or whatever but there's absolutely no blind faith from me with Shero. I still have this feeling that he's still unsure of how to build this team./ If it should be on Offense, defense, both. Him and his scouts are ****ing brutal at evaluating Wingers.

    In the end all I want is to see success. This team was hyped as a "dynasty" in the making. It had the talent to be that (via high draft picks from awful teams) and needed the proper surrounding cast and coaches. 1 Cup isn't going to give me any blind faith. So far Ray Shero couldn't hold Craig Patrick's jock. If there was any ONE person Shero should be thanking it is Craig Patrick for handing him all of the true talent he's be riding the coat tails of
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