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Thread: Farrior, others tightening their belts

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    Default Farrior, others tightening their belts

    Steelers' Farrior, others tightening their belts
    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Steelers players are preparing for a lockout in 2011, linebacker James Farrior said Monday.

    As such, Farrior and other veterans have met with teammates about saving money in preparation for a season without paychecks if a new collective bargaining agreement isn't reached.

    "I've been talking about it," Farrior said. "Charlie (Batch) is our player rep. He keeps me updated. It's the reality of it. We might not be playing football next year. It was a point of emphasis this offseason for everybody to start saving their money just in case."

    Farrior said players have been led to believe there will be a lockout and that ownership holds the key to a new contract.

    Ownership, of course, believes just the opposite that players must make concessions to facilitate a deal.

    "It's pretty much in the owners' hands. It's up to them to try to get a deal done for next year," Farrior said. "We don't know what's going to happen. Everything that we've seen so far is leaning toward us getting locked out, so you don't want guys to not be prepared if it does happen."

    In the meantime, Farrior said, players need to become more conservative spenders.

    Some players need to be reminded more than others.

    "It's going to be tough on some guys," Farrior said. "A lot of guys rely on that money and have a lot of responsibilities with that money. They better start saving now."

    Farrior hopes that some of his teammates don't have to learn the hard way in the event of a lockout.

    He said stories are plentiful about players who mismanage their money during the best of times.

    How, Farrior wonders, will those same players be able to manage their money if they're not being paid?

    "I've seen guys spend their money, living check to check," Farrior said. "It's terrible to say, but you've got a guy borrowing money in the offseason just to make it to next season."

    On the other hand, Farrior believes the threat of a lockout will force players to take better care of their finances.

    "This is our only opportunity to be able to make this kind of money, so you don't want to blow it," Farrior said. "Even though you're making it right now and it seems like you can spend what you want to spend, you have the whole rest of your life to live.

    "This is not the time for us to be spending money. We have such a small window to make this kind of money in our lifetime. We're going to have the rest of our lives to live. If you want to live comfortable for the rest of your life, you don't need to spend it all now."
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    Default Re: Farrior, others tightening their belts

    Good advice that I too have trouble following. With this economy my business has taken a hit last year and this year like no other time that I remember except in the 80's and I think this time around is worse. Worse because there were more companies, mills still around even though many were closing up shop at the time. I think next year is even going to get worse. It is all I can do now to keep the utilities up and running let alone the insurances, taxes, groceries and kids with braces and clothing. Why did I have to grow up !
    These are just a few examples on why I get upset when you have some of these players thumbing their noses at the gift they have of being a proffesional athlete in this country.

    Anyway here is my question: Is it possible there could be a strike year with the NFL having replacement players like before ? Stevve Bono, get back in shape.

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