UFO spotted over China:

According to a story that first appeared in Zhejiang Online, the UFO showed up on the airport's radar a little past 8:30pm. Suddenly, airport personnel saw a "shining light" in the air, later confirmed by passengers that were flying at the time.

Out of flight safety considerations, the airport suspended service from 8:41pm onwards and began an extensive aerial search. About an hour later, after not finding anything, they resumed service. The 56 minutes total of "no fly" time delayed 18 flights in total - about 2,000 passengers were stranded for a couple hours as Xiaoshan sorted through the jam.

Though airport spokesmen said the UFO was only visible to radars at the airport, several people around Hangzhou said they witnessed "a glowing object hovering in the afternoon sky and moving weirdly." One man managed to snap a picture of it before it suddenly disappeared.