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Thread: How will the Steelers do this season ?

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    Default How will the Steelers do this season ?

    With all the off season troubles we have had, where do you see our Steelers at the end of the season ?

    I think we will be in a fight to go 9-7 this season.

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    Default Re: How will the Steelers do this season ?

    Based on this schedule....

    9-7 is a pretty good bet IMO.... I can see losses to Tenn, Balt (one or the other), Mia, New Orleans, Pats*, Cincinnati (one or the other), and Jets...

    ... But in all honesty, who really knows?... Teams may not live up to expectations, or fall beneath said expectations... Injuries can play a huge role as well... At this point (before camp even starts), it's all a crap shoot...

    Either way, I think we have our work cut out for us... It could be a long season, or a great year... It's just too hard to tell at this point IMO.
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    Default Re: How will the Steelers do this season ?

    Yep, I hear you and I think the same way. How many times I would think we would crush the schedule and make it to the top and then just fade away. The Bill Cowher Super Bowl year I never thought we would make it over the hump. The Tomlin Super Bowl year almost put me in the rubber room with the wild finishes during regular season. I tell you what, those playoff games under Cowher and Tomlin for the Super Bowl wins were just as exciting to me as the Super Bowls.
    There is just something about football that pumps me up like no other sport.

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    The neighbor across the street yells over, ' here I am, you want to come over here." Actually I wanted to stay exactly where I was.

    The customer asked, " do you know whos house you were just at ?" Yes, I replied, I was at the girl of my dreams house. She told me I was at so and so house. I asked, who is that ? You don't know ? Your not a Penguin fan ? I said I never got into to hockey that much but I cheer them on and always wish all our sports teams well.
    I can't even remember the guys name but the lady said to me, your only at the best defensive players house that can actually score points too. She also went onto say he is now going to Ottowa and they are currently packing up the house to move.

    Anyway, I can't remember the players name but his wife is one big knockout.

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    Default Re: How will the Steelers do this season ?

    10-6 or 11-5

    The big game is Oct 1st, Ravens at home. I think we'll be 2-1 going into that game. Win it and we could really have a big year.

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