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Thread: Yahoo Steelers preseason rankings...some interesting....some funny

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    Default Yahoo Steelers preseason rankings...some interesting....some funny;_yl...rankings071810

    The link above will take you to the article; however you can check out all position rankings, there are links for each on that page.

    DB's - 6th behind Jets, Packers, Bengals, Broncos, Ravens. (WOW...2 division foes)

    6. Pittsburgh Steelers: Assuming SS Troy Polamalu returns to health, the Steelers will have the same starting secondary this season that they had during their 2008 championship run. That’s both good and bad. It’s good because the unit was strong enough to get past strong-throwing teams. It’s bad because, aside from Polamalu, that group isn’t all that fast. Sure, CB Ike Taylor can still run as well as most corners in the league, but CB Bryant McFadden and FS Ryan Clark aren’t speed demons. The depth is decent with guys like William Gay and Will Allen, but hardly remarkable.

    QB's - Suspension drops Roethlisberger
    The offseason’s biggest story has had an immediate ripple effect on the ranking of quarterbacks. Ben Roethlisberger’s six-game suspension (which could be reduced to four) to open the 2010 season and the subsequent uncertainty it creates have dropped Pittsburgh from having a top-four quarterback situations to No. 7.

    Of course, some people might blink at the idea that Roethlisberger and the Steelers would be ranked in the top four. While his style of play is unorthodox (he holds the ball way too long by modern standards and takes a lot of hits), he gets amazing results. Roethlisberger’s career average of 8.0 yards per attempt ties his fifth all time with Steve Young.

    However, his behavior could put the Steelers in a precarious situation for the entire season as they decide on a replacement starter between Byron Leftwich, Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch.

    “If it ends up being four games like we all expect, the Steelers will probably be OK,” an AFC executive said last week. “They should split the first four, then they get a bye week to get [Roethlisberger] ready for Cleveland and Miami. They could be 4-2 after six games and really be in pretty good shape.

    “But if it’s six games, it’s totally different. No bye week and his first three games back are [at] New Orleans, [at] Cincinnati and then New England. Have fun playing that schedule after sitting out almost half the season and then not having your best receiver.”

    The executive was referring to the loss of wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who was traded to the Jets right before being suspended by the NFL for four games for violation of the substance abuse policy.

    Ultimately, just as with any team (check the rankings for Washington and Philadelphia after their offseason maneuvers), the presence of an accomplished starter is everything.

    7. Pittsburgh Steelers: OK, let’s get this out of the way: Roethlisberger is a mess off the field and that’s the reason the Steelers aren’t ranked No. 4 overall, if not higher. His suspension means Byron Leftwich is the likely starter to open the season. Further, Roethlisberger has tarnished the incredible legacy he was in the midst of building. Yeah, he’s unconventional and people like me have taken a long time to warm to how he plays, but he’s a truly stunning player when you really look at the results, which include some dazzling playoff numbers.

    WR's - 18. Pittsburgh Steelers: The loss of the aforementioned Santonio Holmes is a brutal blow, although Mike Wallace showed promise last season. Hines Ward brings stability, but not much more at this point.

    RB's - OUCH... - 22. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers finally put Rashard Mendenhall in the lineup and got away from the delusional thought that Willie Parker was still a good player. Not that Mendenhall was great last season. He had some moments but was generally just above average. But at least Mendenhall has some upside. If he can learn to be consistently aggressive when reading his blocks, he has a chance to be very good, if not great. Mendenhall also has a little bit of receiving ability, which Parker had none. Throw in backup Mewelde Moore and you have something decent, but hardly great.
    Ravens 4, Bengals 5

    OL Double ****in OUCH... - 24. Pittsburgh Steelers: If quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t so effective at throwing while on the move, this line would be considered a tragedy. The Steelers won the Super Bowl in the 2008 season with the worst offensive line in the history of the title game. Hopefully the addition of rookie interior lineman Maurkice Pouncey will help, but the rest of the group is still flawed. In fact, when agent Joe Linta (who is a truly good guy) said earlier this offseason that he felt Willie Colon was the best right tackle in the game, numerous personnel men couldn’t stop laughing.
    Even the Browns rank above us

    DL - 6. Pittsburgh Steelers: Just about everybody in the NFL talks about how the Steelers are aging. They talked about it in 2008 when the Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl title. OK, the Steelers are old and, in particular, end Aaron Smith is recovering from another injury. But if Smith is healthy and nose tackle Casey Hampton can max out the run downs he plays, the depth should be good enough to make the 3-4 system work just fine for another year. More progress from second-year man Ziggy Hood is a must and the Steelers better start drafting some guys.

    LB's - - 1. Pittsburgh: With LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison, the Steelers have the best combination of accomplished pass rushers among 3-4 defenses in the NFL. In fact, it’s not real close. The only team that could close the gap anytime soon is Dallas if Anthony Spencer improves. When you add in inside linebackers James Farrior and Lawrence Timmons (seven sacks last season), you have the best overall linebacking corps in the league by a pretty good margin. Dallas is really good, but the Steelers are special.
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    Default Re: Yahoo Steelers preseason rankings...some interesting....some funny

    Everything there looks pretty fair to me except for RB. I have a feeling I know something this guy doesn't. I am really excited about our group this year. Aside from Moore we have nothing but youth with upside. We may even have to cut some potentially good players in camp. Then again maybe the young guys don't turn out to be **** but we still have Mendy and I know some people around here don't care for him but I personally think he is the best thing we have had back there in a loooong *** time. The radar will find him at some point this year.

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    Default Re: Yahoo Steelers preseason rankings...some interesting....some funny

    DB's - 6th behind Jets, Packers, Bengals, Broncos, Ravens. (WOW...2 division foes)
    The Ravens??? You have to be ****ing kidding me. Overall the article is fair the writer's dick is out on this one.

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