What will the tribe say about Jimmy Johnson?
July 21st, 2010
Adam Rank

Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson has never been afraid to swim with the sharks. He worked for Jerry Jones for crying out loud.

Johnson is now going to be swimming with a different set of sharks as he reportedly will be taking part in the upcoming season of Survivor, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Johnson is a huge fan of the show and was reportedly going to be part of the previous season, but had to back out last year because of health issues.

Johnson would be the second ex-Cowboy to appear on the runaway CBS hit, as former QB Gary Hogeboom competed a few seasons ago. Hogeboom chose to keep his identity a secret, but Johnson will not have that luxury. Johnson is a former high-profile coach who is still on television as an analyst and has been known to endorse some interesting products.

That will obviously make him a target. But he has a few things working in his favor.

Certainly the Cowboys fan boys are everywhere ó even in Nicaragua, where the series is being filmed. So that could help. Johnsonís strategy should be to form an alliance with one of the cast members, and convince that cast member to take him to the final two because nobody would vote a rich former NFL coach for the $1 million prize.

But Johnson could then argue that he overcame his celebrity and that the final vote is not for the most needy, but the best player ó in this case, Johnson.

And it is entirely possible that I have thought way too much about this.