Tim Curley Speaks On Penn State Football Recruiting

by Adam Bittner Jul 23, 2010 11:48 AM EDT

Penn State athletic director Tim Curley recently spoke with ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg in the wake of an article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ron Musselman on the state of the Nittany Lions' 2011 recruiting class, as of today still only three members strong.

Simply put, he's not worried about the lack of action.

"With some experience, you witness these things through the years, and you just never know about recruiting," Curley said. "I've seen years where we've gotten early commitments and we supposedly have a strong class and it didn't turn out that way. And I've seen the opposite, where we filled in the numbers later and it's been a dynamite class. The coaches know what they need, and it's all going to work itself out.

"Some things run in cycles. It depends on how many scholarships you have available, it depends on what's in the pipeline down the road. There's so much that goes into recruiting, you have to let itself play out."

I've never been a fan of freaking out about recruiting (or getting very high over it for that matter), so Curley's position on this is understandable, especially with the coaching staff he has in place. These are the same guys that landed a huge 2010 class, and they didn't forget how to recruit over night. Additionally, they've shown the magic they can work through coaching up their guys with obscure prospects for decades, turning players like Josh Hull from walk-ons to NFL caliber athletes in 4-5 years.

That said, as has been talked about at length, things need to get better rather quickly. The 2011 class still only has three members and it's late July. If it's not panic time yet, it will be soon. Fortunately, rumors swirling say Penn State might land recruit number four this weekend, so stay tuned.