When I made a response to a thread on timing of accumulating Pitching in the future I was really thinking alot about the future of the Offense. We'll never have the pitching to carry a weak hitting team so we'll need no less than a middle of the pack run producing offense.

So I took a look at the month of July 2010. I've looked at this month because a lot of the future is here. Alvarez, Tabata, Walker, McCutchen, Milledge (until otherwise - Jones, Cedeno, Doumit)...

We ranked 13th in Runs scored which is far better than our 2nd to last ranking for the entire season. We can't draw walks but on the flipside we're near middle of the pack ranked 17th in strikeouts. The power is still sub-standard ranked 20th, but that's still an improvement over 2nd to last. The lack of power in that regard is sort of made up by "Gap Power" as we ranked 6th in Doubles. Team OPS was a little low but Slugging was middle of the pack. the lack of BB's attributed to that.

Based on the month of July, I see some positives especially when you compare them against the entire season's numbers. I didn't want to use the month of June because so many young players were just getting their feet wet. Walker, Tabata, Alvarez. feklt that July was a good starting to point to kind of start looking towards the future with the Offense