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Thread: A look back at 2009 prospect lists

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    Default A look back at 2009 prospect lists

    I know we all like to look at them before the season, but I never end up catching up with them after the season. Thought I'd take a look at how the lists look now.

    Baseball America by John Perrotto
    1. Pedro Alvarez, 3b
    2. Andrew McCutchen, of
    3. Jose Tabata, of
    4. Brad Lincoln, rhp
    5. Bryan Morris, rhp
    6. Neil Walker, 3b
    7. Jeff Sues, rhp
    8. Shelby Ford, 2b
    9. Daniel McCutchen, rhp
    10. Robbie Grossman, of
    Baseball Prospectus by Kevin Goldstein
    Five-Star Prospects
    1. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
    2. Andrew McCutchen, CF
    Four-Star Prospects
    3. Jose Tabata, OF
    Three-Star Prospects
    4. Bryan Morris, RHP
    5. Robbie Grossman, CF
    6. Quinton Miller, RHP
    7. Brad Lincoln, RHP
    Two-Star Prospects
    8. Neil Walker, 3B
    9. Jim Negrych, 2B
    10. Brian Friday, SS
    11. Donald Veal, LHP

    Just Missed: Chase D'Arnaud, SS; Daniel McCutchen, RHP; Jaime Romak, 1B/OF
    Minor League Ball by John Sickels
    1) Pedro Alvarez, 3B, Grade A-
    2) Andrew McCutchen, OF, Grade B+
    3) Jose Tabata, OF, Grade B+
    4) Bryan Morris, RHP, Grade B-
    5) Daniel McCutchen, RHP, Grade C+
    6) Neil Walker, 3B, Grade C+
    7) Jimmy Barthmaier, RHP, Grade C+
    8) Evan Meek, RHP, Grade C+
    9) Robbie Grossman, OF, Grade C+
    10) Jim Negrych, 2B, Grade C+
    11) Shelby Ford, 2B, Grade C+
    12) Matt Hague, 3B, Grade C+
    13) Ron Uviedo, RHP, Grade C+
    14) Brian Friday, SS, Grade C
    15) Quinton Miller, RHP, Grade C
    16) Romulo Sanchez, RHP, Grade C
    17) Donald Veal, LHP, Grade C
    18) Brad Lincoln, RHP, Grade C
    19) Dan Moskos, LHP, Grade C
    20. Jarek Cunningham, 3B, Grade C
    Others: Brian Bixler, SS: Chase D’Arnaud, SS: Robinzon Diaz, C; Wes Freeman, OF; Jason Jaramillo, C; Brent Klinger, RHP; Quincy Latimore, OF; Steve Lerud, C; Jordy Mercer, SS; Jamie Romak, 1B-OF; Jeff Sues, RHP; Tony Watson, LHP.
    Baseball Intellect
    1. Pedro Alvarez
    2. Andrew McCutchen
    3. Jose Tabata
    4. Bryan Morris
    5. Shelby Ford
    6. Dan McCutchen
    7. Brad Lincoln
    8. Neil Walker
    9. Jimmy Barthmaier
    10. Jarek Cunningham
    11. Robbie Grossman
    12. Jeff Sues
    13. Quinton Miller
    14. Evan Meek
    15. Jamie Romak
    Alvarez, McCutchen, Tabata looks pretty good as the consensus top 3. Interesting that Byran Morris was a near-consensus #4 in the system. I honestly still like the guy, but I'll be surprised to see him make any top 15 lists this year. Not sure if that speaks more about the changes in the system or his performance.

    John Perrotto is the only one who hadn't nearly given up on Brad Lincoln before the season. Everyone else had Morris ahead of him and two of the lists even had Daniel McCutchen in front of him. Hell, Sickels even had Jimmy Barthmaier ahead of him. Interesting that Barthmaier made the two appearances at 7 and 9 on those same lists that had Lincoln behind McCutchen. Seems like they look for different things in pitchers than the other two. Barthmaier had Tommy John surgery early in the season, then got cut when the Pirates picked up Steven Jackson.

    Shelby Ford appears on 3 lists at 8, 11, and 5. I think he's fallen all the way to "non-prospect" this season. Good work by Kevin Goldstein not ranking him, even on his "just missed" list.

    Chase D'Arnaud doesn't rank on any list, but makes the BP "just missed" section meaning he was around #12, and on the Sickels "others" list meaning he was lower than 20. He had a strong season, though he was a little old for the level.

    Walker came in at 6, 8, 6, and 8 on the lists. He had some injury issues, but his number were technically better this year than last after repeating the level. I still don't rate him anywhere near 6 or 8, even if you only include guys who were already in the system at the time of these lists.

    Tough to read how well Robbie Grossman did compared to the rankings. BP's 5 was definitely high, but the 9-11 rankings seem pretty decent. I liked him a lot early in the season, but his numbers slowly dropped off, and the strikeouts continued to pile up like crazy. He struck out in more than 1/3 of his at bats.

    Sickels and Baseball Intellect were the only ones to list Evan Meek, at 8 and 14. Donnie Veal got a pretty high rank from BP because I know Goldstein loves him, and Sickels had him at 17. I think I might actually rank him higher than 17 based on the current group, even with all the moves that have been made since.

    Interesting that no one ranks Diaz or Jaramillo on any of the lists, and they both proved to be at least adequate major league catchers. Also note that no one even knew who Starling Marte or Rudy Owens were at the time.

    I'm disappointed that Jarek Cunningham didn't play at all this year, as he seemed to be the most highly regarded of the 2008 SS draft picks, and he performed very well in Bradenton.

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    Default Re: A look back at 2009 prospect lists

    The fact that we can debate names and positions on the list is awesome. 3 years ago, the prospect list was pathetic and barren of legitimate talent. Now, there is an abundance of talent to look foward. Brock Holt is a young guy who is going to fly up the lists soon. Kudos to the FO for their hard work.
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    Default Re: A look back at 2009 prospect lists

    Hey...give someone some credit here jmd...WAY back at the triblive board I mentioned Starling Marte.
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    Default Re: A look back at 2009 prospect lists

    Quote Originally Posted by BigBen2112 View Post
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    Hey...give someone some credit here jmd...WAY back at the triblive board I mentioned Starling Marte.
    Don't start

    It is rather nice to be talking about a LOT of prospects.

    Better than the topic being Weiters is better than Moskos. Also better to at least have more than one rising star (like, uh, Pearce) to talk about.
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