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Thread: Transcript Of Ben's First Interview...

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    Default Transcript Of Ben's First Interview...

    From Scott Brown's blog, View From The Press Box....

    Roethlisberger interview
    August 1st, 2010

    Sorry for the delay in posting this. Here is the transcript from Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's first extensive group interview since last season. It took place after Saturday afternoon's practice.

    Q: Was it nice to hear the fans welcome you?

    A: “Yeah, it was good to be out here. I walked out and Hines and I walked out together and they cheered pretty loud so it was fun.”

    Q: Were you concerned the crowd reaction was going to be negative?

    A: “I didn’t know. I was a little nervous and scared about it but it was neat to hear everybody cheering and seeing my jersey and a lot of encouragement.”

    Q: Are you relieved this first step is over, getting out there in front of fans?

    A: “Absolutely. This morning I talked to some friends and family between practices at lunch and everyone asked ‘How did it go, how did it go?’ I wasn’t worried about this morning’s practice. I did pretty well. It was this afternoon’s one but I think it went well. I think I completed every pass so the football side went well and the fans were warm and loving as I hoped they would be.”

    Q: Are you comfortable with the rotation of you and Byron (Leftwich) so far?

    A: “I’m up for whatever they want. I’m helping any and all of the quarterbacks, the young receivers, the tight ends, running backs. Byron and I are communicating a lot about different things that we see out there and Charlie’s still in there and Dennis so whatever rotation they want me to do. I’d run the scout team if they wanted me to.”

    Q: Was it important to you in the morning practice to open as the No. 1 quarterback?

    A: “It felt good to be able to get in there with the first group and it felt pretty special.”

    Q: Is it strange not to know the full rotation?

    A: “You guys probably know as much as I do. We’re just taking it one day at a time and tomorrow could be completely different.”

    Q: What is your goal personally and professionally coming out of all of this?

    A: “To be the best. I hope we can get past this, get on the football field and win championships. That’s always my goal, and that’s not going to change. I want to win a championship this year. That’s my ultimate goal.”

    Q: Do you plan to talk to the commissioner (Roger Goodell) when he visits Thursday and are you optimistic of getting your suspension reduced from six games to four?

    A: “I think everyone made a big deal that he’s coming here just to see me, and he’s kind of making a tour of all the camps. But, yeah, I’ll talk to him, I’m sure a lot of people will. I don’t know what we’ll talk about, it’s hard to say but it’s ultimately going to be his call and his decision on what he does with each individual player. And he’s the commissioner and boss that makes the decisions. He’ll do what he feels is right, I’m sure.”

    Q: Hines Ward said you have been more engaging with the other players. Did you feel that was something necessary after this offseason?

    A: “That’s me in general, being more personable. I understand that these guys have a lot of support and a lot of love for me. A lot of them came to me (Saturday) and said, ‘Don’t worry about it because we’ve got your back no matter what.’ That really was special.”

    Q: Other than all of the question, did it feel like a pretty normal day at camp?

    A: “It did, surprisingly enough. Once we started walking down the stands and hearing them cheer and giving them high fives, we got on the field and I kind of got lost in just being out here at camp and being at St. Vincent’s. That’s what we said getting here, everything that has happened we’ve put behind us because it’s time for football now. That’s what it’s about, is getting out here and winning championships.”

    Q: Were there butterflies?

    A: “Oh absolutely. There always are. It’s the first say of camp you always have a little bit. There was a little bit more for me.”

    Q: Did they pretty much settle down by the time you get on the field because of the reception you got from fans?

    A: “Yeah, they did. During stretching I felt pretty good.”

    Q: Can you talk about your conditioning?

    A: “I feel great. I feel I’m in the best shape. I know I’ve said that before but I feel better than I ever have and spent a lot of time working out and still am. Every night I’m up here working out. We have to do it because I want to be the best, and that’s what it takes.”

    Q: Did you dread coming out to practice in the afternoon?

    A: “Not dread it. I was nervous. Nervous and scared and anxious. A lot of emotions.”

    Q: How do you separate football from your personal life? Is that difficult?

    A: “I feel pretty good about being able to compartmentalize. It makes you human when you’re scared. It’s a challenge and there’s going to be more challenges ahead of us but football is kind of my escape, my getaway.”

    Q: How has this offseason changed you?

    A: “I feel it’s humbled me and made me a better person. All of the things that have happened are all behind us now. Now it’s all about moving forward and football and focusing on that.”

    Q: Did you chose to walk out to practice with Hines or was that coincidental?

    A: “I was getting ready to walk out and Hines was there and he said, ‘Hold on, let’s go out together.’ ”

    Q: Did that help?

    A: “Yeah, it was nice.”

    Q: How close do you feel you are to having a great season when you do get in there?

    A: “Right now I feel great. It’s a matter of being able to work out and do stuff during the (suspension) however long that may be. That’s going to be the key, how long it’s going to be and how soon can I get back out there.”

    Q: You’ve played great football in the past. Can you play better?

    A: “I think so but you never know. I’m not a fortune teller. You’ve got to deal with injuries, you’ve got to deal with a lot of elements. If I can just continue to improve every day I think that will be good."
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    Default Re: Transcript Of Ben's First Interview...

    Thanks for posting this. Nice to see Hines offer to walk out with Ben although while I was reading, I couldn't help but think hahaha, they were cheering for Hines, Ben.
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