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Thread: New Season, New Gear

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    Default New Season, New Gear

    Per my annual tradition, I ordered my new hat to ring in the beginning of camp. Personally, I can't stand how tacky the NFL hats are these days, so I went a different route this year:

    Ordered last Tuesday on (the golf wearhouse). MSRP $34.99, on sale for $21.99, $6.99 for just shy of $30 later, it arrived on Friday. Couldnt believe how quickly it arrived from standard ground shipping.

    Anyway, I always buy (at least) a new hat every year for the season... Very happy with the fit (I got a big *** head and usually an adjustable hat never works), but TaylorMade makes great hats, not to mention, it will look sweet on the course and with my Jerseys... Anyone else pickin up new gear yet???

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    Default Re: New Season, New Gear

    'Ya know, I'm usually a shopping whore before the season starts, but this season, I just can't seem to find anything new I like... I already have enough hats to wear a different one for two weeks straight, shirts I don't wear because I do laundry once a week or two, and even a few pairs of brand-new Steeler socks never worn... I dunno, I just can't seem to get into it yet... The only thing I want to order is the '10 media guide since it is now available.
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    Default Re: New Season, New Gear

    I'll be honest and maybe it's because I live in the Pittsburgh area but... I hate wearing Steelers gear and in general refuse to buy hats and shirts and such. I have my Woodley authentic jersey I got a year or 2 ago that I enjoy wearing (because authentics are harder to find people wearing) but for the most part, around Pittsburgh EVERYONE wears Steelers gear. You can't go somewhere without seeing some Steelers jacket, shirt or someone wearing a Steelers hat and so on.

    We'll call it "over-saturation" where I don't really want to both blend in with the masses or sporting the same wardrobe as the dirty guy that lives in a trailer park ... So I avoid the stuff..

    Now if I lived out of the area like some here do I would probably wear and buy Steelers gear because then you're sort of establishing your ground in a different territory as a fan of this particular team and proudly supporting them in an area that might be filled more with fans of a different team.
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