More things that ****ed me that I have had time to look at some stats. Not to many people have gotten all over the O or BA for this game and the lack of performance. Now is my turn.

1. Third Down Efficiency 4/12 - 33% ...WTF?
2. Total plays....78 to 49..WTF?
3. Average gain per rush...3.9 to 5.3...we stopped the #1 rusher in the league; however I think we should have run the ball more. We got down to the 8...courtesy of 2 penalties worth 30 yards....had 2 pass plays and a botched handoff and settled for a FG. Earlier in that series Mendy had 2 good carries, both on 1st down. We get down on the 8 and pass 1st down...WTF?