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Thread: If you believe.....

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    Default If you believe.....

    ....that the Pirates have little following in Pgh, just look at the number of views in the thread "Draft Signings". Now granted, Kipper and NKy probably account for half of them () but compare it to the Steelers and Pens draft related threads.

    I don't know if that's an anomaly or not, but ****, that's a lot of interest for a team that supposedly doesn't have much of a following.


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    Default Re: If you believe.....

    Not me and NKy. you have to figure that we probably are pretty equal in regards to views and such and wouldnt account for any more than any other thread.

    The Hockey Draft (when you aren't picking top 5) is generally very bland. The NHL trade deadline is on par with the MLB trade deadline in regards to interest. Would have to see how those compared with each other..

    but yeah.. it is pretty impressive that the Pirates draft signings thread have that many views
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    Default Re: If you believe.....

    People in Pittsburgh (and surronding areas) are starving for a winning Pirate team. I don't even mind people that ***** about them(well,at least not al lof them) because that shows that at least they care. The opposite of love isn't hate,it's indifference.
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    Default Re: If you believe.....

    It does not hurt that the draft, and thesignings, were impressive this year.

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    Default Re: If you believe.....

    Men have a need to fix things. Ask any good marriage counselor. The Bucs are broken. We all wanna fix them and know how. Hence the huge number of hits on the Pirate blogs.

    The Stillers are boring....they only need tweaking. I wanna fix sumthin'!!!!!

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