Yea... It's another "Reds" post by me....

Baseball is doing the right thing. The 25th anniversary of 4192 is September 11th... They'll allow the Reds to commemorate the event and do it with Pete on the field... Say what you want about him, he deserves this. And so do his fans (including me)... They were never given the kind of Pete Rose Night sendoff legends are usually given... Is that Pete's fault?... 100 percent... But these things are about fans, not the individual. It's an opportunity to stand up and recognize the man, even perhaps affix the number 14 to a wall at Great American Ballpark.

Bud Selig has done the right thing.

Now it's time for Pete Rose to do the right thing.

And for Hollywood Casino to do the right thing.

[IMGR][/IMGR]Pete has a commitment at Hollywood Casino on September 11th, likely leaving the Reds to honor him on either Friday the 10th or Sunday the 12th. And that shouldn't happen. Not to draw comparisons between the social significance of the two dates, but we don't celebrate Jackie Robinson's Major League debut on April 16th, we do it, and appropriately so every single year, on April 15th. We aren't celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1990 Reds next season, we're doing it this year.

4192 took place on September 11th, and needs to be appropriately commemorated on September 11th. The Reds assuredly would prefer to honor Pete that night, aside from it making total sense, the 10th would clash with dozens of high school football games in this area, and the 12th is the opening of the NFL season, a national holiday. The night of the 11th would belong to the Reds, to Pete Rose, and to Cincinnati.

And think of the punchlines folks would hear after this sentence: "The Reds couldn't honor Pete on the anniversary of his most memorable moment because he'll be at a casino." Think about how that will make Pete look. Think of how it will make the Reds look. They've lobbied to get this done, and now could be taking a back seat as the single most important figure in the franchises history participates in a cheesy casino cash grab.

I'm sorry, but that's not gonna look good.

This is easy. Whatever is scheduled to take place on the 11th at Hollywood, reschedule it. Do it the 10th. Do it the 12th. Have a week-long celebration in Lawrenceburg if you want, but move the event away from the 11th. It's rescheduled, and Pete's at GABP that night, Hollywood Casino gets an untold amount of positive PR, and this city gets to say thank you, stand and applaud a remarkable achievement, and an amazing player.

September 11th, 1985 needs to be celebrated on September 11th, 2010. The Reds have done their part. Bud Selig has done his. Now it's up to Pete Rose, and the big casino in Lawrenceburg to do theirs.