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Thread: Speculating on the future

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    Default Speculating on the future

    I'm ecstacic about the signings, and what looks to be a steady rebuilding of the minor league system over the past three years, but here's what still bugs me. When I go back and peruse the prediction threads, most of you guys were admant that this major league team would be improved in 2010, and that another 100 loss season was virtually impossible. Management also said they expected big improvements.

    I've learned a lot from reading you guys on this forum, and have taken some lumps for being critical too. I am trying to understand, but I still just don't quite get what's going on at the major league level with the Pirates. Are you guys just overly optimistic when you evalute the season in Spring Training? Is management just feeding us hype so we buy tickets? If so, does that mean everyone REALLY knew the team was going to be awful this year(actually, unimaginably worse than 2009) ?

    Which brings me to the speculation part, about next year, and beyond, and I get more confused. To me it seemed obvious at the beginning of this year, and even more obvious now, that the team needs a starting pitcher and an RBI guy. But it seems like during a "rebuild" you don't go out and get those players, either because they cost too much, or because they "block" young players.

    So, is it the case that management will concede that the team is going to be bad again next year, so there will be no new pieces added? Or, will they actually add some talent?

    Seems to me that it's a huge risk to NOT do something. And I don't mean because of fans. It just seems that the clock is running on the "core" young players and that you can't waste anymore time trying out other teams' failed prospects. I also think those young players need some veteran leaders to learn from, sort of like what the Tigers did when they got Pudge Rodriguez a few years ago.

    In sum, the best players in the system are still at best a couple years away. How does management evaluate this year? How does it affect what they do next year? No matter what, are you guys, and the management, going to tell me again next year to expect great improvements, LOL?

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    Default Re: Speculating on the future

    This piece might answer some of your questions.

    Pirates Notebook: GM not eyeing top free agents
    Friday, August 20, 2010
    By Dejan Kovacevic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    General manager Neal Huntington reiterated Thursday the Pirates' long-held stance that they will not address immediate needs through high-priced free agents.

    "We're not going to add a No. 1 starter in free agency," Huntington said at the PNC Park news conference to introduce top draft pick Jameson Taillon. "We're not going to add a true, major-league power bat in free-agency."

    Huntington was discussing how the Pirates must use the draft as their best procurement tool.

    The team's position in this regard has been consistent since new management took over in late 2007, but it probably should not be construed to mean there will be no shift in the approach to free agency. Team president Frank Coonelly told the Post-Gazette last month that the Pirates plan to be "aggressive" this winter in looking at free agency, which could mean a step up from, say, the Ryan Church mold, to more in the Octavio Dotel mold.

    Read more:
    Are these morons getting dumber or just louder-Mayor Quimby

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