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Thread: Steelers-Giants Post-Game Quotes

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    Default Steelers-Giants Post-Game Quotes

    Steelers-Giants Post-Game Quotes

    Head Coach Mike Tomlin

    Good evening. A lot of things characteristic of preseason football. A lot of things that we could get better at, things we could have done better tonight, thatís what preseason and the remainder of the preseason is about. We intend to work on a lot of things in those areas. Thereís certain things that we will not tolerate even in the preseason, like post-snap penalties; thatís Steelers beating Steelers. Weíre smarter than that, we have to be smarter than that. Weíre a good team, we desire to be a good team so those things are unacceptable twelve months a year and they are. That was very disappointing, but a lot of things were encouraging. Weíll take a look at the tape, a lot of individual efforts, some things that you and I talked about. Nice job kicking off, Antonio Brown did nice job in returning both punts and kicks there initially. You saw that it got to a point in the game where we saw enough of him that we gave him back to Logan. Some encouraging things in a lot of areas and some things where we fall short. In the first half in particular we needed to be sound on our perimeter defensively. We gave up some edges and gave them some explosion plays, simple fits, and leveraging the ball. It created a productive half for them running the football, one that we donít think is acceptable in terms of how we perform offensively. We have some concept plays that blew up on us that were negative plays; those are going to happen at times. I think we could have done some things better to minimize those, we had a reverse play that got blown up, we had a sprint draw that got blown up, we had a crack toss that got blown up, that were all negative plays that potentially derailed drives or put us behind the chains. We gave up a big punt return and we had a couple unblocked guys at the point that couldíve kept it to a minimal gain. All things that are correctable and must be corrected and we intend to correct. Again, there were some things out there that were disturbing. Weíll address those as well.

    Q: Are you happy with Roethlisberger in his first game back?

    A: You know it was the first time out for him, I thought he did some nice things. He moved good, it was a good start.

    Q: What did you say to him before the game? Did you all talk at all?

    A: Nothing out of the ordinary. We shake hands and we go to work.

    Q: Did he get enough work?

    A: For the first time out, he got what he would have gotten had it been last week under normal circumstances and the starters going out and playing for the first time out. That was our intention, we probably got a little bit more than that. He got a decent amount of work, good for him. Weíll see where we go from here.

    Q: Do you have an idea of how youíre going to play him in the third game?

    A: I do. But Iím going to look at the tape and analyze it and all the performances of the guys and give the group what we think the group needs. Staying inside the framework that we have all been discussing since we checked in. We want to have a productive training camp and preseason and get the other guys ready to play.

    Q: Younger guys like Redman and Brown continuing to pressure you, what do you like about those two guys?

    A: That their performances in stadiums are similar to their performances in practices. Thatís what you look for in the young guys, that the stadiums arenít too big for them and theyíre starting to prove that. Thatís what you look for.

    Q: Mike, talk about the running game and the improvement from the first game to this one.

    A: You know, I did see improvement from a production standpoint, just raw numbers. But raw numbers never tell the story. We had linebackers running through us pretty good in the second half, so we still have some work to do. Thatís ball, but we have some work to do, in all areas.

    Q: Can you talk about the overall quarterback play?

    A: We moved the ball, we produced some splash plays, we made some mistakes in game management things and things of that nature that are characteristic of preseason. Weíll continue to work, I like where are, but by no means are we satisfied.

    Q: What did you see from Jason Worilds?

    A: Donít know. I asked him how he felt, he said good with the play finally. We gave him an extensive amount of work. He didnít stand out in any way negatively that got our attention. Weíll look at the tape and comb through the minor details and Iím sure weíll find fault in something he did.

    Q: You talked about game management problems at the end of the first half.

    A: You know we wanted to kill that ball when we got that ball down there to the one, but we ended up stinking it. We had to burn our last timeout, and at that point with fifteen seconds left, youíve got issues. Thankfully itís the preseason.

    Q: With so much disruption for Ben in the offseason, what do you think is his progression on the field to get to this point tonight?

    A: I donít care about the disruption, quite frankly, when it comes to his performance. Heís a professional. His job is to play and lead us, and heís done that. Heíll continue to do that and weíll deal with all the other things that we have to deal with in the appropriate manner.

    Q: What do you think about some of the pressure on him?

    A: Done.

    Q: Coach on a scale of 1-10, how do you rate tonightís game?

    A: You know it is that dry rehearsal if you will, at least in our mentality. Hopefully it is in their mentality, so we can get the work that we desire. Itís a road game, itís a night game, itís a lot of things that create adversity that helps you learn about your football team. We look forward to going to Denver and playing under those circumstances and conditions.

    Q: Is there anything on the injury front?

    A: I didnít get it, let me just rolodex what happened in the game. A lot of minor things of course. Isaac Redman had a rib injury, a cartilage injury of some kind. He came back in the game and played. Maurkice Pouncey got hit on the thigh with probably a thigh bruise, he came back and played. Keenan Lewis had a concussion of some kind, he did not come back in the game. Weíll get him tested and see where he is in terms of next week. There were bumps and bruises. Iím sure there will be the normal things that kind of come up after I get out of here and get a laundry list of things. Those are the ones that kind of stand out to me. I think weíve been pretty fortunate from that standpoint.

    Q: How do you think Pouncey did? I know he got rotated back in.

    A: He did some nice things. Again, like in the response to Worilds, some of those line play guys got caught up in the scrum if you will so weíll hesitate to evaluate their performance.

    QB Byron Lefwich

    Q: What happened on that sixty-yard touchdown to Mike Wallace?

    A: Well he did a good job of getting open and I hit him with the ball. They did a great job in coverage and I kind of moved the safety a little bit. I kind of pumped a little bit and once Mike gets even with a person, itís over. I just put it out there and let him run up under and he did a good of that.

    Q: The first team offense, in general, looks like youíre moving the ball more efficiently than the first preseason gameÖ

    A: Yeah, the first preseason game is always hard because, not to give any excuses, this whole game is about preparation during the week and going out there and playing on Sundays. In the preseason, you donít do that. You donít get the opportunity to prepare, scout your teams, your opposing teams, so it makes it tough. It really goes against all of the rules that once the regular season starts Ė you donít really prepare for that because you're still in training camp mode, installation mode, starting your offense, and doing all of those type of things. So itís really tough. Thereís not enough time in the day to really do all of that and try to game plan against somebody. As the preseason goes along, we get more and more of an understanding of your opponent and it tends to go smoothly.

    Q: Another effective game by Isaac Redman. Do you like what heís doing out there?

    A: Yeah, I think heís doing a great job and we've got a lot of good football players on this team. You need that to be successful in this league because you never know whatís going to happen to someone.

    Q: Was there a play of Ben Roethlisberger that stood out to you

    A: Yeah, the one to Spaeth. Just the way he found time and just do what Ben does, thatís what Ben does. He decides the way to find time and find the open guy and that was a prime example of that right there.
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    Default Re: Steelers-Giants Post-Game Quotes

    Yeah, (Lefty's precursor)

    The line did a decent job run blocking but the pass coverage is shaky. It does seem like Ben's off the field distractions are becoming less of a distraction thankfully.

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