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Thread: Don't they already play 20 games?

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    Default Don't they already play 20 games?

    I was ready to puke yesterday listening to the radio hosts and especially James Farrior cry about going to an 18 game schedule. Every professional football player knows that playing in the NFL is a huge risk to your health. Always has been and always will be. So please don't cry to me that you are concerned about disabling injuries that will haunt you later in life...THAT'S WHY YOU GET PAID MILLIONS! The issue at hand is that fans like myself who are season ticket holders get "fleeced" twice a season by having to pay full price for two lousy pre-season games! I can't even sell my pre-season tickets and end up giving them away. How quickly the players forget how they get paid! They make that kind of monster money because of season ticket holders and people who buy jerseys and people who buy items that are advertised on TV during commercials for NFL games and all of us dumb taxpayers who paid for their workplace! Bottom line....QUIT THE FRICKIN' WHINING AND PLAY THE GAMES!

    Of course I have a solution that would probably gain the interest of the players but have management crying the blues...ONLY CHARGE 1/2 PRICE FOR THE PRESEASON GAMES! It's more paletable for me and the players can still sit for half of those games.

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    Default Re: Don't they already play 20 games?

    Personally they should give you the options to buy Pre Season tickets just like you get the option for Playoff tickets. Then we'll see if they keep the price at full value for scrub games.

    I'm of course in favor of extending the regular season mainly to get rid of half of the useless Pre-Season games that I feel are too many to begin with.
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    I can't really disagree these players act like the owners are slave drivers. Tough to feel sorry for these guys make more in one season than I will my entire life. I would cut my ****ing legs off for a couple million dollars lol

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    Default Re: Don't they already play 20 games?

    I understand the point be made by Hugh totally, but I may be in the minority, but I am with the players on this one. For the brutality of football, I just don't think extending it by two games is a good thing.

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    Default Re: Don't they already play 20 games?

    I think an 18-game season is bad for a number of reasons. An NFL 16-game season is perfect, IMO.

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    Default Re: Don't they already play 20 games?

    When they went from 14 to 16 games, much of the same things were said... Now we're hearing them again with the talk of 18... But now, of course, the players are making exponentially more than they did before... Sorry, but I agree with the original statements made here... The players need to shut up, quit whining, and do what they are being paid outrageously large amounts of money to do... If they don't like it, or are worried... QUIT! No one is forcing them to do it, but it IS the evolutionary process of the sport... When my job situation changed, I either accepted it, or quit. I feel no empathy here.... Someone else will take their place if they feel it is "too much" to do.
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