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Thread: That's What They Said: A New Era

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    Default That's What They Said: A New Era

    That's What They Said: A New Era

    by NYSteelersFan4 on Aug 27, 2010 12:08 PM EDT

    Happy Friday BTSC! A long work week is finally over. I'm looking forward to the game this weekend against Denver, as I'm sure you are too.[HIGH-LIGHT] According to Yahoo! this game will be on FOX, so it will be available to the non-local and non-NFL Network crowd, so be sure to tune in at 8 pm Sunday.[/HIGH-LIGHT] Also be sure to join the discussion both here and at Mile High Report.

    Here's a few topics to toss about as we try and kill the next few hours until the weekend gets here.

    "I have a low expectation when it comes to young people, not because I don’t believe they are talented, it’s just that they’ve got a lot going on. Professional football is different from college football. He has been surprising in terms of how he has adjusted at this point."

    Coach Tomlin, on the big news of the week, rookie Maurkice Pouncey's practice promotion to starting center. The article on is quick to point out that no decision has been made as to who will start the season with the ones, but all signs point to the rookie takingthe position from the vet. Another promising quote regarding Pouncey came from a man who knows centers, and knows them well, Casey Hampton, found here courtesy of Johnny_S.

    He's been in another system for 12 years and he's had different offensive coordinators. This is a whole new thing for him. Even from the first to the second game he's made excellent strides. It is different playing from the left to the right, there's a whole balance and body weight thing. He's adjusted well."

    Long tenured Steelers linemen Trai Essex talking about another important cog in the team's passer protection machine, new RT Flozell Adams. He also notes that Adams starting week one is a "pretty much [a] done deal" in this Ed Bouchette PG article from Tuesday. I think we'll all be watching Adams closely this Sunday.

    Two interesting quotes from the same article on the otherbig story this week, Dennis Dixon getting some first team action. First, from OC Bruce Arians:

    "It's fine to run when there's nobody open but when there are open receivers, get them the ball"

    And the second, from Ben Roethlisberger:

    "I always tell him to run. 'Pull it down; if your guy's not there, pull it down and take off"

    Thoughts on the difference of opinions?

    ################################################## #########

    On Some Former Steelers
    "I never got paid for it. I asked [Burress] for it. Every time I went to Drew he said, 'That's between you and Plax.' Bottom line, I never got paid. He basically stole my number."

    Long time NFL punter Jeff Feagles, on Plaxico Burress ducking out on some debt to Feagles, over the exchange of jersey numbers. I'm not a PLaxico fan, but Jeff... You're a punter. You're lucky you got a number. And Plax, pay the guy. What the heck. It couldn't have been thatmuch. I know Plax is pretty weak on paying money to people he owes it to from personal experience, I know he had some issues in the past with that. I'll leave that there, and no, he doesn't owe me anything.

    "Veteran running back Willie Parker, listed at the bottom of the first depth chart, moved to third string, ahead of young players Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams, who are tied at fourth string"

    Slightly older article in the Washington Post by Jason Reid. Fast Willie was on the outside looking in, but appears to be making a late push for reps this preseason. Good to hear, there will always be a soft spot for Willie amongst Steelers fans (TWSS). Of course, the Skins also added Ty Carter, mostly for depth, this week. Should be interesting to see Willie and Ty in burgundy and gold, while Santonio is running around in green and white tonight.

    "Two seasons ago, when the Titans went 13-3, safeties Chris Hope and Michael Griffin were good players. They weren't last season. That has to change. We found out this offseason that Griffin played with a bum shoulder, so that contributed to his problems. He is young enough that he can rebound. Hope, now in his ninth season, might not be as fortunate"

    Love and Hate on the Titans from Pete Prisco of CBS sports. Chris Hope falls under the latter of the two in this piece.

    Keeping an Eye on This Weeks Opponent
    "We'd like to go through a halftime where they're going to go back out there. I think we want to go through our normal process of halftime, like we would during a (regular season) game, so that's the plan right now."

    Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels in a Denver Post article this week. I think we'll see most of our starters in for the same amount of time, as this is fairly standard practice in the preseason.

    1. Eddie Royal gets a touchdown on an explosive play

    2. Jarvis Moss gets another sack

    3. Someone gets an interception.

    Mile High Report's Nick Cast, making predictions for Sunday's game. In the article he quotes some guy named Johnny underscore S, whoever that is, on the Steelers. He also gives us a few match ups to look for during the game. Consider yourself on call Nick, we're watching these predictions. My only prediction, Maurkice Pouncey and Tim Tebow share a tender moment together before the game.

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    Default Re: That's What They Said: A New Era

    Dare we call it the "Unleashing Hell Era"?

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    Default Re: That's What They Said: A New Era

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackandgold View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Dare we call it the "Unleashing Hell Era"?

    I shouldn't laugh, because I've already given him a "mulligan" for that statement... But still....
    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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