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Thread: The most depressing series of the game

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    Default The most depressing series of the game

    The opening series of the 2nd half....get a decent return to the 36.....get 2 personal foul penalties...worth 30 ****in yards....get down to the 8.....and have to settle for a ****in FG...........geeezz. That series was a win for the Vikings.

    After we scored to end the 1st have I told my buddy what would be so awesome would be to come out and score another TD in our 1st possession of the 2nd half and give us a 2 score lead. They almost did it...then BA had a brain fart and took the ball out of Mnedy's hands.

    8-R.Longwell kicks 60 yards from MIN 30 to PIT 10. 11-S.Logan to PIT 36 for 26 yards (20-M.Williams).

    1-10-PIT 36 (14:44) 34-R.Mendenhall right end pushed ob at MIN 48 for 16 yards (41-K.Paymah).

    1-10-MIN 48 (14:19) (Shotgun) 17-M.Wallace right end to MIN 42 for 6 yards (94-P.Williams). On reverse from #34 Mendenhall. PENALTY on MIN-94-P.Williams, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at MIN 42.

    1-10-MIN 27 (13:43) 34-R.Mendenhall right tackle to MIN 18 for 9 yards (56-E.Henderson).

    2-1-MIN 18 (13:05) 34-R.Mendenhall up the middle to MIN 18 for no gain (94-P.Williams).

    3-1-MIN 18 (12:29) 7-B.Roethlisberger scrambles left end to MIN 16 for 2 yards (22-B.Sapp). PENALTY on MIN-22-B.Sapp, Personal Foul, 8 yards, enforced at MIN 16.

    1-8-MIN 8 (11:55) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short left to 10-S.Holmes. Coverage by #22 Sapp.

    2-8-MIN 8 (11:51) 7-B.Roethlisberger up the middle to MIN 9 for -1 yards (93-K.Williams, 94-P.Williams). What timing to have a busted play.

    3-9-MIN 9 (11:12) (Shotgun) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass incomplete short right to 86-H.Ward (22-B.Sapp).

    4-9-MIN 9 (11:09) 3-J.Reed 27 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-60-G.Warren, Holder-9-D.Sepulveda.

    MIN 7 PIT 13 Plays: 9 Possession: 3:55

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    Default Re: The most depressing series of the game

    Setting the tone with a TD would have been nice, but I'll take an extra 3 anytime that we're playing with a lead...More disappointing to me was Delicious going airborne at the 5 and turning the ball over in a game "icing" situation (it also erased 'Tone's big play)....enough about it though, Im not trying to beat up on Mendenhall.

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    Default Re: The most depressing series of the game

    The Steelers had several good chances. We had like 2-3 straight possession at the start of the game which started in the Vikings territory and either got nothing or only 3 points. Terrible that you get that kinda field position and cant score at all.
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