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Thread: Things to Watch: Steelers vs. Panthers

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    Default Things to Watch: Steelers vs. Panthers

    Things to Watch: Steelers vs. Panthers
    Found 12 hours ago on Bleed Black & Gold:

    Things to Watch: Steelers vs. Panthers
    September 1st, 2010 6:29pm
    In this week’s version, I will go with the guys on the bubble. These are the five battles to watch going into thursday’s game versus Carolina.

    Crezdon Butler vs. Anthony Madison – This last cornerback position will be a tough choice for Coach Tomlin. Madison has been with the Steelers for a few years now. He has been the special captain before and is looking the best in coverage that he has ever looked. He is going to have to fight with Butler for this spot because Butler will be gone if we cut him and try to get him on the practice squad. Someone will pick Butler up immediately, and we will have wasted another draft pick. Madison will be able to be brought back once Roethlisberger returns from suspension and the roster spot of Charlie Batch is alleviated. My Pick: Crezdon Butler.
    Patrick Bailey vs. Stephenson Sylvester – Bailey is another special teams guy we have kept around for a while. He does not however possess the speed or skillset of Stephenson Sylvester. Sylvester has looked very good in the preseason, and I like his eye for the game. Bailey is solid but not spectacular. We would be taking the same chance on Sylvester as we did on Butler if we try to get him to the practice squad. My Pick: Stephenson Sylvester.
    Sean McHugh vs David Johnson] – Fighting for their lives as the third string tight end. McHugh is the better blocker of the two in the role of H-Back, but Johnson is more of a real tight end. We have been using a fullback since the start of training camp more and more, so the position of H-Back is deteriorating from the offense. If this is the case, there is no room for McHugh. He isa good special not teams guy, and he is not good at catching the ball. My Pick: David Johnson
    Antonio Brown vs. Stefan Logan - Logan jumped onto the scene last year as an instant upgrade to our return unit. He is not a good reciever, and we are filled up at Running Back at the moment. Accordingly, he serves little purpose to us in the offense. I also prefer Brown’s style of kick and punt returns. He does not dance around. He looks for a seam, makes one cut, and hits the hole. He has not made any spectacular returns and did have the bad return on the 3 yard line, but he has more of an upside for the team. Brown has two touchdown catches in the preseason and is a speedster. He is going to be a strong receiver for us down the line, and he should get a chance to be on this team. My Pick: Antonio Brown
    That leaves the final roster spot on the 53 man squad up for grabs. It could be anyone of the guys above that did not win at his position, or it could come from these lat three guys: Sonny Harris, Doug Worthington and Scott Paxson. That is 7 guys for one spot. The guys from the defenseive line do not help much on special teams, so they may have to head to the practice squad. This is going to be an extremely tough decision for the organization. I am glad I do not have to make it. If i did though, it would be : Anthony Madison. You need as many corners as you can get, and he is a special teams demon. I would go with him to help strengthen our team.
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    Default Re: Things to Watch: Steelers vs. Panthers

    The thing I'll be watching...

    ...Something else.

    I hate preseason.
    "Nice catch, Hayes. Don't ever ****in' do it again." -Lou Brown

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    Default Re: Things to Watch: Steelers vs. Panthers

    Last games of the preseason are tough to watch-I'll be at the bowling alley getting my bowling balls and bowling equipment adjusted but I should be back to stomach the first half at least. I might just dvr the game, bowl until my thumb says no more, and watch the game later.

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