James Toney Wants to Keep Fighting MMA, Kimbo Slice More Than Willing to Fight Him
by Kid Nate on Sep 2, 2010 12:04 AM EDT in MMA News 64 comments

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James Toney's trainer claims that Toney showed up for training camp weighing almost 40 pounds more than his eventual fight weight of 237 pounds. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
The UFC tried to put Kimbo Slice and James Toney together, but Toney turned it down. Now although the UFC is done with both fighters, it appears there is an opportunity to book that fight. For his part, Kimbo is open to facing Toney, via MMA Fighting:

"I never heard anything about me fighting James Toney, but you know, like I said, again, I'll fight anybody, man. C'mon, everybody knows that about me from my street-fighting days. Put anybody in front of me, train me to be the best, I'll fight the best. That's one thing about Kimbo Slice that everybody knows."

And Toney's trainer Trevor Sherman, says there is also interest from other promotions in Toney fighting more MMA, again via MMA Fighting:

"I still love James," Sherman said. "I hope he doesn't stop doing MMA, and if the UFC does release him ... trust me -- there's plenty of interest."

Sherman also says that he had wanted Kimbo for Toney:

"I wanted him to fight Kimbo -- I thought he should have done that as a tune-up, but James didn't want a tune-up," Sherman said. "It was his first fight, and it was against one of the best. Randy wouldn't allow any room for error. Randy is probably the best ever at game planning."

Even though the former EliteXC leadership --

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