Ring Psychology: Bas Rutten on Don Frye, Billy Blanks, Street Fighting and His New Status as a Role Model
by JonathanSnowden on Sep 2, 2010 10:51 AM EDT in MMA Interview 23 comments

Bas Rutten. Image via National Geographic
In the fourth edition of Ring Psychology, Dave Walsh and Jonathan Snowden talk with MMA reporter Josh Nason who covered UFC 118 live in Boston. Nason talks about what it's like to cover the sport's biggest promotion and then breaks down the show. The guys also discuss how his second loss in a row changes BJ Penn's legacy.

Then, as it tends to do when he's around, things get interesting when the legendary Bas Rutten joins the show to talk about his amazing announce team with Don Frye at Shark Fights 13, Billy Blanks, street fighting, and his new status as a role model.

On who could possibly control a broadcast booth at Shark Fights 13 with both Bas and Don Frye:

I have no idea, but I think I am going to be the person who tries to contain the situation a little bit. Because this could go really bad. Like, really funny, but for some people my humor - my wife always says 'You're a psychopath. You know the only reason people laugh is because they are afraid of you.' And Don is a little bit crazy too.

On changing his image to work with the Cartoon Network:

Needless to say, they don't like me to be over the top violent anymore. No middle fingers and "f-bombs" and all that stuff now. Thank God I didn't do that as much anyway. Still, you don't want to have posters now where you say 'F Terrorists' like those ones I used to have. I simply can't do that anymore.

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