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    Default Post Game Quotes

    Coach Mike Tomlin: Good afternoon. Weíre pretty fortunate to win that football game to say the least. When you look at the stat sheet and you look at some of the things that happened in that game, usually you donít win those. They dominated time of possession. Weíre not very good in the situational football, I think we were 0-for-3 in red zone football. When you kick field goals versus a good team like that, usually it comes back to bite you, I think we were 0-for-2 in goal-to-go situations. They pounded a couple in on us but we stayed in the fight, guys didnít blink and to their credit, we were able to win the game. When you put a couple of splash plays defensively; you put 14 points on the board defensively you can overcome a lot of errors. We were far from a perfect team, but we won today. Weíll accept that, weíre very complimentary of that football team that we played today, theyíre good. Itís good to get into a bye winning a few in a row and weíll continue to improve in our areas of deficiency, kickoff coverage being one of them.

    Is there an injury report?
    Nothing at this point. Travis Kirschke went off with a calf strain, donít know the extent of that. Lawrence Timmons went off with an ankle, donít know the extent of that. Thankfully weíve got a little time to get those things addressed here not having to play a game next week.

    You ran the ball well today, is it because the Minnesota Vikings defense dropped back in coverage?
    I thought our guys did a nice job blocking them. I want to give credit to our front, I thought they were game for the challenge. They respect the heck out of the Minnesota Vikings run defense. I think theyíre reputation preceded them, but we were able to find a few creases and get some rhythm in the run game, we just didnít possess the ball enough today to do what we desire to do from that element of it. Part of it is due to the fact that Minnesotaís pretty good with the football. Converting first downs, Brett [Favre] moving the chains and keeping us on the sidelines.

    What is it about the defense when they step up and make plays?

    More than anything, they trust how what they do fits in the big picture or the big scheme of things. We very rarely have people out of place, theyíre usually where theyíre supposed to be, seeing things theyíre supposed to see and when you do that and combine that with energy and enthusiasm big plays happen and thankfully they happened for us today.

    What was it like on the sideline watching the two touchdowns?
    Itís one of those slow motion moments thatís a joy in this business depending on what end of it youíre on. You do it enough, you end up on both ends of it. I think weíve had a few balls run back on us this year, itís good to be on the good side of it.

    Do you sense the team has a chip on their shoulder?

    I hope so. Whatever allows us to prepare with an edge. Iím not concerned about their play, I know theyíre going to play with an edge, itís more importantly that we prepare with an edge. I think weíve been doing that, no minor criticisms. If that motivates us, great.

    Did subbing Mewelde Moore have to do with Rashard Mendenhallís fumble?
    It did and it didnít. The young fellow [Rashard Mendenhall] fumbled and every time he puts a helmet on, itís a learning experience for him. Just a little careless in that instance, we were getting ready to go in for a score and we lost the ball, but also it just speaks to a level of trust we have in Mewelde [Moore]. Heís closed games for us in the past, we feel comfortable with the ball in his hands and the things heís capable of doing not only as a runner, but with some of the blitz pickup things that you might see under those circumstances and of course getting him out in pass routes, so itís multiple reasons for that.

    Can you talk about the play of Keyaron Fox?
    Keyaron [Fox] is a guy that like a lot of guys is really on the come. Heís in his second year on our football team so he has a clean understanding of defensive schemes and how he fits into the big picture of the 11th man. Heís a quality football player, heís a low-maintenance guy. Heís always willing to ante up and kick in given the opportunity, heís done so at the beginning of the year and he did again today. I imagine when we continue to call on him as needed, heíll do the same.

    Do Rashardís fumbles make you reconsider him starting?

    Not at this point no. Not at all.

    Why didnít Willie Parker play more?

    I think we had the ball 23 minutes. We had a couple of three-and-outs and things of that nature. Youíre not going to find rhythm within games like that. Weíre not going to be able to run it as much as weíd like. I think we were sub-50 in terms of snaps. So you could ask about anybody and their level of participation, itíll be below the line under those circumstances. We didnít get Hines [Ward] the ball enough. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. We didnít have enough snaps.

    As you head into the bye week, where do you stand in the AFC?
    Iím not a big picture guy. Weíre going to enjoy the bye, some much needed rest for us and then weíre going to prepare for Denver. We understand as much as we continue to win our position canít be any worse. I tend not to watch the standings when we win, only when we lose.

    Can you point out the deficiencies of the kickoff coverage?

    I donít know, but we better fix it and fix it in a hurry. I accept the responsibility for that, Iím going to get it fixed, whether itís schematics, people or both.

    Talk about the Minnesota Vikings pass coverage and them batting the balls today.
    Thatís what they do, theyíve got some big people, some aware people inside. Kevin Williams is a unique guy, very aware, a lot like Brett Keisel for us in terms of, ďhands up.Ē We knew they were capable of that. Theyíve done it before, they did a nice job of that. Thought we a nice job from a protection stand point in the big scheme of things. This team is very good at sacking the quarterback. Of course [Jared] Allenís at the tops of the league from a end position, Kevin Williamsí at the top of the league from the defensive tackle position. We didnít expect it to be smooth sailing if you will and it wasnít, but all in all, I think Iíd give us a passing grade just on a knee jerk, gut reaction to the question

    Can you talk about James Farriorís play?

    He played inspired ball today but thatís consistent with what we expect from him. Heís our defensive captain and leader. Heís a heck of a one to boot, heís always ready to play. The stage is never too big for James [Farrior].


    WR Mike Wallace

    Were those the same two plays back-to-back Ė on the completion and then on the long touchdown?
    Yeah. It was all Ben [Roethlisberger]. We were in the no-huddle and Ben was calling all the plays. He was calling all the shots, so it was a good call by him.

    On the touchdown, as Hines [Ward] slid to the right, you slipped in behind him. Is that the play?
    Thatís the call. I have to read the defense. I have to give credit to Hines [Ward] and Tone [Santonio Holmes] for helping me out all the time on reading coverages. It just so happened, I got both of those coverages right.

    WR Hines Ward

    Re: the Vikings defensive coverage, where they seemed to be taking away deep passes
    Teams are going to start doing that. We took advantage of it. Mike [Wallace] came up huge with a huge play. I canít get frustrated. Weíre winning. Iím still out there helping the team win. The one pass, I caught the ball down the seam [and] I think if Mike is a little wider, [then] that corner doesnít come off of Mike and make the play. I really wasnít expecting to get hit. But he put a good hit on my tail bone.

    Did that affect you the rest of the game?
    No, it was a little stiff. I donít really think it affected me, but their defense was taking me away on certain things. And there was nothing I could really do about it. Other guys stepped up and made some plays. The play that Santonio [Holmes] got, he took advantage of it. He had a good run after the catch. All-in-all, itís not perfect on offense, but we found a way to win this game.

    Re: Vikings coverage scheme
    They were taking all of the deep stuff away. And, at the same time, every time I would come underneath, the linebackers were right there covering me. We tried to exploit that with Mike [Wallace] down the middle. Every time the Mike linebacker jumped me, we ran a route right behind the Mike linebacker. And thatís how Mike Wallace got open.

    Was this a statement game?

    I donít know. It was a great atmosphere Ė a playoff atmosphere [with] the most fans ever at Heinz Field. [They were] 6-0, but we still have a lot of games left. Itís great to go into the bye week at 5-2. Weíre stacking wins. In the month of November, weíre heading in the right direction.

    DE Brett Keisel

    Re: defensive performance
    We feel like we have a really good defense. Today was a great test for us to go against a good offensive line, a great quarterback, a great running back. It was a big test for us and we answered the call.

    Brett Favre is the all-time active leader in fourth-quarter comebacks. Does it make it any more special to do it against a guy like that?

    Yeah, any time you are on the field against this guy, itís awesome. What he brings to the table still is amazing to me - how heís still one of the best in the league. He makes great plays for his team. Heís a winner. Heís always been a winner. And it was a lot of fun to compete against him today.

    S Ryan Clark

    Did your eyes light up on the hit on [Percy] Harvin?
    Oh no. I have big eyes already, so Iím sure theyíre always pretty lit up. Itís just part of football. Sometimes you play back there and you canít always get there [to] get the pick. Coach talks about reputation a lot. He always says [that] reputation means nothing. So you have to keep showing guys that if you throw the ball deep on the Steelers secondary, itís possible that youíll get knocked out.

    This game was billed as a shootout.

    We donít do shootouts, though. Itís been awesome how fast that you [the media] forgot that this defense can actually play. It didnít take you long at all either. We have pride. Itís not ego, itís pride. And guys have character. We donít like coming into a game [when] you say itís going to be a shootout. Because as much as you are saying something good about our offense, you are saying something negative about this defense if we allow it to be a shootout. I think if it was a scrimmage, we would have won. Defense would have beaten their offense. I think we scored twice. We scored more touchdowns than their offense. So we would have won the scrimmage today.

    But they are great team. If you think about it, if [Brett] Keisel doesnít make that play and [Keyaron] Fox doesnít make that play, they are in our red zone going in to score. It could be a totally different ball game. Thatís just big plays by guys who really work hard.

    LB LaMarr Woodley

    Did you feel a little bit like James Harrison in the Super Bowl on your touchdown?
    He ran 100 [yards]. I ran, maybe 73. Iím probably 10 pounds heavier. Iím like a defensive lineman. I was tired. I was real tired. It was late in the game. I was exhausted.

    Talk a little bit about that play.

    I saw the ball come out and I saw it laying on the ground. My thought process [was to] fall on it, or pick it up. I decided to pick it up. I was taking a chance. But then, when you pick it up, you might as well get what you can get and make [something] out of it. I made a touchdown out of it.

    When your defense makes two big plays like that in the fourth quarter, does that say something?
    You know what? On our defense we always try to go out there and not just get turnovers, but try to put points on the board. I was able to get to the ball and [Keyaron] Fox made a big play when the other team was driving, in field goal range, [where] they might be able to get a touchdown. And Fox got the interception. I thought maybe he was going to fall down. Once he took off running, I didnít really have any speed to block for him. Some other guys stepped up, he took it to the house and really put the game away.
    "He had no teeth, and he was slobbering all over himself. I'm thinking, 'You can have your money back, just get me out of here. Let me go be an accountant." I can't tell you how badly I wanted out of there." Denver rookie QB John Elway, on Jack Lambert, after Lambert and the Steelers knocked Elway out of his first game as a pro (1983).

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    Default Re: Post Game Quotes

    Keyaron [Fox] is a guy that like a lot of guys is really on the come.

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    Default Re: Post Game Quotes

    Thanks for the post, it is a great read. After hearing Bears coach, lovie smith's presser after their 45-10 blowout debacle to the Bungles, I would have either shot myself or quit being a Bears fan if I was one it was emBEARassing. It re-enforces how good it is to have Mike Tomlin as our head coach. When you listen to him talk, he tells it like it is and makes no excuses. I love his saying "I don't make the decision who plays, it's the players who decide who plays", I appreciate and believe it when he says he will fix what is wrong. He IS the anti-Lovie and thank goodness he is.
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    Default Re: Post Game Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by eniparadoxgma View Post
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    For the record,it wasn't me that went there.

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