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Thread: Driveby Report: Steelers Flip the Dirty Birds

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    Default Driveby Report: Steelers Flip the Dirty Birds

    Driveby Report: Steelers Flip the Dirty Birds

    by PixburghArn on Sep 13, 2010 8:35 AM EDT

    Ahhhhh the beginning of regular season. Top that off with a win and it made for a very pleasant Sunday afternoon. My Sunday afternoon nap was delightfully peaceful. We have great weather here too. I opened the windows and went into dream land. All of this talk about sleep is really making me tired. I have to snap out of it and get this thing rolling. This is really tough when I'm sleepy because I take only mental notes of the games. I thought about using paper and pen but heck I can't even eat when the game is going on much less write. Enough of this. Let's get it started.

    Regulatoooooooooooooors mount up!

    1. Rush-Hard Spin-den_haul: He still scares me holding that ball like he's in the game "NFL Blitz". I have to say he gets the job done. He finished this off for us. I would have been really mad if he fell on the 5 yardline. I also say a play where, if he would have spun he would have made another 10 yards. Guess what? He didn't. I was shocked.

    2. Timmons: For some reason I keep thinking back to people wanting Fox and Foote to play ahead of him. I'm laughing as I type this (not really). He did it all disruption in the backfield, pursuing and stopping lateral plays, blitzing and scaring Ryan half to death and shedding blocks/filling the holes to make tackles.

    3. Farrior: Did he come in at his old weight (lower than last year)? Farrior did work yesterday. Gotta give him props.

    4. Deebo: Atlanta's tackles are probably still having nightmares. Deebo pushed those big guys around like kids' furniture. And wouldn't you know it, they call a couple holding calls. There were way more than that but at least we got some of them.

    5. Ryan Clark: The thing I liked about this game is you didn't see him much. I mean Atlanta wasn't getting to his level alot. That's a good sign. I did see Gonzalez get "alligator arms" a couple times when he heard Clark's footsteps.
    6. Troy: New slogan for NFL QBs when they play the Steelers. "If you see the hair, don't throw there." Just look to the other side and take your chances. Once again Troy starts the year off with a highlight reel INT.

    7. Our Defense: I love these guys. I bet you turner doesn't get shut down like this again this year. They got gashed a little at times but remember this is a chess match. Like Troy calling check when he picked off a pass that was there all day.

    8. Randle El: He can still play. He was open a lot, but Dixon missed him most of the time. I still don't know about him returning punts. It may be because they trust him more in a crowd to handle the ball. I don't know. We will see how this pans out.

    9. Dixon: Didn't play great & didn't play horrible. All I can say is he played well enough to not lose. What I find funny is, he played about as well as Ryan. The announcers were all on Ryans jock and he didn't play any better than Dixon. Roddy white made some good catches. I will give the announcers some props, because Dixon looked like he was trying to guide the ball into his receivers. I know this problem well. It's usually because you don't want to make a mistake. You really don't trust your muscle memory. Example: To put a lot of zip on a ball you don't have to muscle it. A smooth delivery and follow through and some snap at the end is what you want. Golfers, it's like the difference between a smooth swing and when you try to kill it (slice). When you muscle throwing a football in tends to go into the ground, mostly because your release point tends to be lower. These bullets are supposed to be brief...

    See rest of article at <
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    For the record I want Fox and Timmons on the inside for most downs. By the time Fox gets to play people are going to be like WTF did we have him on the bench all this time for.

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