While the Big East awaits an anticipated year-end decision from Villanova on whether it will join the conference for football, a source close to the league tells Lenn Robbins of the New York Post that there are a dozen or so schools on the Big East's radar, and that one of them is TCU.

That's right, Texas-based TCU. Distance apparently isn't as great a concern here as quality of the football program and the school's TV market. (Although try selling Providence or St. John's on the fact that they might have to make periodic trips to Fort Worth for basketball.) Two sources told Robbins that TCU was brought into the discussion only recently, which would suggest that conference officials/members are indeed leaving no stone unturned if they need to add members.

Here's the interesting thing, though: One source "stressed" that there have been no meetings among Big East presidents or ADs to discuss membership. So who exactly is having these conversations about the Horned Frogs and others?

Would TCU bite? If the Big 12 continues to turn a blind eye toward the Horned Frogs, perhaps this would be a temporary solution to getting an automatic BCS bid. Still, we couldn't see this arrangement lasting long-term, simply because of the burden it puts on non-revenue sports. (Unless, of course, the conference adds a number of other Southern or Midwestern schools -- Big 12 leftovers? East Carolina, Memphis and Central Florida? -- to create a division that better fits TCU.)

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I don't know, this seems like quite a stretch to add a school that far away. Sure it'd be great for football, but how much money would be lost by schools having to travel there for the non-revenue (football and men's hoops being the revenue generators) sports?