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Thread: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

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    Default Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    Fellow Patrons and frequent visitors, I am both proud and excited to say that we have reached our 1-Year Anniversary at the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    It's been an enjoyable ride so far with many more miles left to travel, or many more beers to drink! I wanted to personally make mention of all of the things that highlighted the past year at the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern both in the sports world and here in this great online community!!

    * October 9, saw the debut of the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern, a brand new online community for fans of Pittsburgh pro sports teams and more. A place where a fan of more than one Pittsburgh sports team didn't need to bounce to a different website to fulfill their needs of talking sports when all of the needs were now under one roof.

    * In the Hockey and Football worlds we saw the Pittsburgh Steelers have a dissapointing season where they failed to reach the playoffs. We saw the Pittsdburgh Penguins go through devastating injuries and bounce back to make the Playoffs before abruptly being bounced out by an underdog Montreal Canadiens team.

    * On April 27th we were unexpectedly informed by our previous server hosting company that we were going to have to abruptly migrate to a new server without warning and compromise. We lost 7 days worth of information due to our data backup at the time being a week old. We decided to use that down time to upgrade the Message Board/Forum software from the vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 4 series. In effect, we got new a new look and and some new bells and whistles at the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern.

    * July 17th, a group of us gathered in the parking lot outside of PNC Park for the 1st annual tailgate party of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern members and a couple of Bucs Dugout members. We eat plenty and ate well. We drank plenty and drank well. The weather was perfect, the Pittsburgh Pirates won and scored 12 runs in the process and we all got hang out with each other in person.

    * On August 2nd, we decided to move to a new server hosting company over a lack of poor support, inconsistent speeds, and unreliability. Our goal is to always try to provide the members at the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern with excellent service that is always progressing and felt that our previous server hosting company wasn't meeting those needs.

    * In the Baseball world we followed the Pittsburgh Pirates through a 105 loss season but we also got the witness the rookie debuts of Pedro Alvarez, Jose Tabata and Neil Walker. We saw Manager/coaches John Russell, Joe Kerrigan and Gary Varasho get fired and we also saw what many experts considered to be one of the best Drafts in all of MLB.

    Our goal is to always strive to progress. We are always looking to evolve and grow. In just 1 year, we evolved and grew with our Twitter companion for the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. We slowly started adding Writers to those interested to grow Original content here at the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern and help promote those minds and opinions to the masses out on the web. We added Mobile capabilities for those of you using Smartphones (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Nokia). We changed server hosts, we upgraded an entire series of Forum software and we constantly added new bells and whistles. Year number 2 promises to feature more of the same. Here are some future plans for the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern..

    Coming in Year 2

    * Integrate the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern with a soon to be Facebook companion of the Tavern. Many website have Facebook companions and the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern will soon have one as well to mirror our Twitter companion. This is just another in a long line of tolls to increase our growth at the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern and make the overall experience better.

    * Expand the writers input. We want to bring more original content to the Pittsburgh Sports tavern. We want to help those that want to get out their original content by offering them all of the promotional tools we have and will continue to grow.

    * Some time in February, we will likely be switching Domain Registrars to one that is a little less expensive but more reliable and better on privacy.

    * Some time in February like with the switching of the Domain Registrar we will be upgrading the entire Forum Software. A few of the aesthetics will change since some of the more recent updates/upgrades to the forum software have re-written all of the styling templates used to get you what you see. Good chance a lot visual things will need me to update them. We chose February for these things since it's a deader time of the year for sports.

    * As we had done in Year 1, we will constantly be be adding new bells and whistles to the website. I'm a fan of new things and adding them to improve the user experience. I'm constantly looking for anything that will help obtain a better user experience and adding those things that will accomplish that. always be on the look out.

    * Myself and NKy have already discussed another Tailgate for next summer and considering the success that one was and the fact that others know that when we plan something it actually happens we expect the possible Version 2 to be even better!

    * As the year goes on, i'm sure knew things not even listed here will pop up!


    * I would like for everyone to take the time to check out the Rules page by either clicking on the Rules Tab/Button on the menu bar or clicking HERE to freshen up on the Rules. Some joined up before we had even gotten the chance to put them up, others like most of us, completely bypass looking at them when we Register.

    * If you have a Twitter account, make sure to Follow the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern [ @pghsportstavern ]. All Threads created in "Steelers Talk, Pens Talk, Buccos Talk, (all) College Forums, Minors gets automatically tweeted to everyone following the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. So when you're away, you can easily check up on what is the latest news and discussion out of the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern via mobile device or PC.

    * On the Menu Bar at the Top of the Website/Message Board & Forum there is a "Links" Button/Tab. The Links are specific to the Board they are in. For example, if you are in the "Steelers Tavern" section of the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern, clicking on the "Links" button will bring up more NFL and Steelers related Links. I try to update and add things throughout the year. Things that I feel may benefit people that are looking for an instant answer like Stats, Cap, Salary related places. Eventually (whenever I personally figure out the code) I'll be adding another Drop Down Menu for Fan Sites, NFL Sites and Rumors so that you aren't directed to an individual page to access all of those Links.

    * The Home Page. A lot of people Bookmark the Message Board itself. Some will even link a specific Board of the Forum like "Pens Talk" or the entire Tavern like The Pirates Tavern. I wanted to remind everyone of our Main/Home/Front Page to the website. Whatever one prefers to call them. This page has expanded greatly since Day 1 when it was just a Logo to click an enter the Forum. From there we expanded it to feature recent Threads and posts and stats for the Forum. Since Spring time when we began adding Writers and original content, it's begun to have a Blog feel to it. In actuality it really is a Blog that is directly linked with the Message Board. So be sure to click on the "Home" Button/Tab often to see new Articles and anything else that could get added over time. This is an area that will get expanded as we move forward

    * Donations. I receive a lot of private/personal requests and questions regarding Donations or anything related to the financial aspects of running the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. As of Today, I updated the Donations Page adding in full detail what all of the costs are and Links to those services to help answer any further questions. Any and all Donations are greatly appreciated and if one is interested you can click on the Donate Tab/Button on the menu bar at the top of the website or click HERE.

    Again.... Thank You to everyone that has taken part in the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern over the 1st year. Even those that we (ok, mainly myself) managed to **** off and drive away, I still thank you for taking part in this great website and online community. to many many more anniversaries!
    The Standard Is The Standard and The Pittsburgh Sports Forum Is The Standard

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    Default Re: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    'Bout time you got this thread up and running!...

    'Ya know, I thought I had a bunch of stuff to say, but Kipper pretty much covered it all...

    It's been a great first year IMO, and as I've told the guys on the phone, I think we have a great, solid dynamic here at PST... This board is a "labor of love" for those of us involved behind the scenes... It's all about fun and entertainment... If it isn't fun, it's not worth it... You all, the board members, are what makes this place spin... I want to thank each and every one of you for a great 1st year, and hope the next is even better...

    Yes, we have gone through a lot as far as our service providers. And all the changes were made out of pure desire to make this the best site out there for Pittsburgh sports.

    Kipper mentioned the highlights for the coming year, and I also plan to personally visit the offices of two Pittsburgh sports writers so as to try to lock-down some original material from them for our members on a regular basis... So things are only going to get even better in the future.

    Some numbers to consider:

    Threads: 6,849
    Posts: 113,170
    Active Members: 273

    .... Not bad for our 1st year at all!....

    So once again, thank all of you for your participation... And look for even more from this site in the future! The Pittsburgh Sports Tavern is without a doubt becoming the best site running!

    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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    Default Re: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    ... More importantly... Kipper's "webmaster wizardry" is known by many... But his endless time and effort is what has made this site a "beauty" to view... His countless late-nights and hours devoted to this site is unheralded IMO... Not too many folks realize the "behind the scenes" action necessary to make this place what it is, and he is completely devoted to providing a superior product... Kudos!

    Kipper, Les, and sjdrewk are a great group that spend alot of time making this place work like a well-oiled machine.

    Things are definitely looking good for this place!....
    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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    Default Re: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    All I'm gonna say is and let's stay awesome.

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    Default Re: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    Congratulations and thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern!

    Party to the Pens has a nice ring to it......donut?

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