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Thread: Dick LeBeau's Pittsburgh Steelers Defense vs. the Cleveland Browns

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    Default Dick LeBeau's Pittsburgh Steelers Defense vs. the Cleveland Browns

    Dick LeBeau's Pittsburgh Steelers Defense vs. the Cleveland Browns

    by Johnny_S on Oct 13, 2010 3:55 PM EDT

    This Bye week has really bored the poo out of me. Maybe this week has been made worse by the loss to the Ravens and the subsequent barrage of their fans equating the game to a SB victory. It is time to switch focus and move on to face the Browns, who have a lot of injury issues at QB. The issue is so extreme that they are considering starting a rookie QB against a very strong defense. I feel sorry for Colt McCoy, but I also hope we are not surprised and forced to eat the proverbial chip on his shoulder.

    Anyway, Dick LeBeau officially took the reigns of Steelers Defensive Coordinator in 2004, after brief stints in Cincinnati and Buffalo as the DC/Head Coach and Assistant Coach, respectively. Prior to moving to Cincinnati, Coach Dad spent 2 years as the DC in Pittsburgh from 1995-1996. Therefore, I will look at his years as the Steelers DC against the Browns, '95-'96 and '04-'09. Oops, no '96...I forgot the Browns got Mayflowered by Baltimore.

    In his career as the Defensive Coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers, LeBeau has faced the Browns 14 times. Amazingly, the Steelers have a 13-1 record in those 14 games. In other words, LeBeau owns the Browns. Now let's take a look at some of the defensive totals and averages:

    Category Total Average / Game
    Points 134 9.6
    Total Yards 3161 225.8
    Pass Yards 2095 149.6
    Rush Yards
    1066 76.1

    Those are some unbelievable numbers. Under LeBeau, the Steelers defense has absolutely smothered the Browns offense. Another interesting fact is that the Steelers faced more new starting QBs (8) than starting running backs (5) in that time. At QB, LeBeau has seen Quinn, DA, Gradkowski, Frye, Dilfer, Garcia, Eric Zeir, and Testaverde and at starting RB he has faced Chris Jennings, J. Lewis, Droughns, Lee Suggs, and Leroy Hoard. To put that in perspective, the Steelers had only Roethlisberger, Batch, and O'Donnell start at QB in those games. Keep in mind, the points average only includes points the defense surrendered. Kick/Punt/Interception/Fumble returns for Touchdowns do not count. If you included those, however, the Steelers still only allowed 12.1 points per game.

    Now let's take a look at how the Steelers defense per game did in comparison to Cleveland's offensive averages per year. In other words we will compare their yearly offensive yardage averages to what they produced against the Steelers (obviously, I will take our numbers out of their yearly averages):

    See rest of article at <

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    Default Re: Dick LeBeau's Pittsburgh Steelers Defense vs. the Cleveland Browns

    I can't believe Man-gina is considering starting Colt McCoy....their qb situation has got to be in serious dire straights for him to knowingly send him out there with really no prep time and no snaps. Mangina isn't stupid, he knows he runs the risk of wrecking McCoy's future in doing so but I am sure if he had another option he would go there not with starting McCoy.

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    Default Re: Dick LeBeau's Pittsburgh Steelers Defense vs. the Cleveland Browns

    we'll see if LeBeau knows how to defend the Wildcat, I've gotta believe we'll be well prepared for it.

    Cribbs anxious to run Wildcat against Steelers

    October 13th, 2010

    Browns coach Eric Mangini appears to have limited options at quarterback with his team preparing for an AFC North game against the Steelers.

    One way Mangini could go Sunday with Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme unlikely to play because of ankle injuries: employing the Wildcat on an extensive or even full-time basis.

    Cleveland multi-purpose threat Josh Cribbs triggers the Wildcat, and he said that the Browns could run the gimmick offense for the entire game Sunday if that gives them the best chance of beating the Steelers.

    “It’s a full package,” Cribbs said of the Wildcat today during a conference call with Pittsburgh reporters. “It’s not like last year, a week to week thing were we were putting in new plays. It’s more than enough to run a complete football game out of it.”

    As for the obvious question as to whether he could physically hold up for an entire game while running the Wildcat, the 6-1, 215-pound Cribbs said, “The hits ain’t nothing. I love it. I’m not too fragile at all.”

    Mangini did not question that about his most explosive offensive player.

    He did sound hesitant about using Cribbs extensively in an offense where Cribbs would take a direct snap and seek out running lanes against the No. 1 rushing defense in the NFL.

    “He does have the kickoff return, the punt return. He’s playing a decent amount at wide receiver so we have to monitor his reps in order for him to be effective how we want him to be effective over the course of the game,” Mangini said. “He’s a pretty special guy with the ball in his hands.”

    Which is why Cribbs will take his share of snaps Sunday at Heinz Field.

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