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Thread: helmet to helmet hit on kickoff

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    Default helmet to helmet hit on kickoff

    The hit Hilliard put on Sanders looked like a high,helmet to helmet hit. I know Sanders is concidered a running back but Sanders wasn't dropping his head and Hilliard looked to be head hunting.I only saw the play twice so maybe I missed something and probably don't understand the h to h rule.

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    Default Re: helmet to helmet hit on kickoff

    I noticed that one too! I thought that Hilliard "launched" too! I thought that was a no-no, but no flag and no fine. I guess since it wasn't James Harrison it was okay!

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    Default Re: helmet to helmet hit on kickoff

    I just went and re-watched it.

    HOLY COW!!!!!! He hit helmet-to-helmet so hard that he spun Sander's head around!

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    Default Re: helmet to helmet hit on kickoff

    Sanders doesn't count... No one in the league cares about him...

    NEW YORK--In response to a growing number of head and neck injuries occurring in the league, the NFL announced yesterday that they would be banning dangerous helmet-to-helmet hits on anyone who makes more than $10 million a year. Any player at or above that salary level will now be protected by strict rules prohibiting any dangerous physical contact. Meanwhile, rookies, non-skilled players, kickers and anyone else that doesn’t matter are still free game. “We need to protect our best players,” explained Commissioner Rodger Goodell. “The Tom Brady’s, Peyton Manning’s, Chad Ochocinco’s and Andre Johnson’s—those are the type of guys we sell week in and week out. We can’t have them on the sidelines. But we still need to keep the violent play that attracts fans. That’s why every other player we couldn’t give two craps about can still be annihilated over the middle. Those guys can be easily replaced, so go ahead and hit them.
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