I'll get the ball rollin' and verify High 5 Pizza in San Jose as a place where south bay area Stiller fans congregate. It's a Sj Shark, Niner place but on gameday Sundays, Stiller fans are known to take over.

Many here know the story that I told about last years Stillers/ Cowboys game where the establishment had to put up a sign indicating that the Stillers'/ Pukes game would not be shown. They did it because the Niners game was playing at the same time. At least 30 Stiller' fans were turned away because they were afraid that if they showed the Stillers game, there wouldn't be anywhere to sit for the Niner fans.

Anyway, the pizza there is pretty **** good. Some will claim its the best. I like it there but it is always packed. Get there early or you may have to order to go!