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Thread: Why do People change as quickly as they do?

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    Default Why do People change as quickly as they do?

    This is more of a random rant than anything but the question is "why do people lose their minds"? I am sure this has happened to some. You get the chance after 5-10 years to sit down and bull**** with people you had grown up with and discover that they are only a shell of what they were when you were younger. Granted, people change with age, which is natural but **** if I don't end up seeing people who have radically changed. It's a shame. I get to talking to people and 5 minutes later I'm looking for a way out of the conversation and away from this person.

    Then on the flip side, you get those that don't change one bit and you wish they had

    While my general approach and such has changed over the years my general mindset and beliefs and such have remained true over the years. I'm not much different personality wise than i was when I was in highschool. I was outspoken then as I am now but my outlook hasn't changed despite the vast changes in society and various other influential tools.

    I wonder (and please, keep this clean in mind of the anti-politics and religion rules here if you choose to respond) but I wonder if people are simply more or easily influenced nowadays compared to say 20 years ago? There's more outlets for influence to get you. 20 years ago you had a few TV channels on a very young cable TV format and the newspaper. That was it. now with the internet and all of the simple and easy ways to access the internet which is really a gigantic library of resources with ads You also have hundreds of TV channels, a ton more news channels and programming, far more available opinionated pieces everywhere you look. I mean, the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern is really nothing more than just a public means to display and read personal opinions. 20 years ago, this would be called a "bar" (no pun intended on the tavern/bar thing).

    So... am I the only one that has witnessed people that really change in the matter of 5-10 years, if so is it possibly due to the growing number of influences out there that can sway a personality in whatever direction it wants?
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    Most times that I have thought similar thoughts, I had also changed. Some good, some bad.

    Some superficial, like shorter hair and ............elastic in my waist band.

    Some more cynical, stuff I don't put up with any longer and realizing I can't save the world.
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    Default Re: Why do People change as quickly as they do?

    I think people who change do so for different reasons. Some because they are living life in a rut. Others because they are adventurous and take risks. Some for the bad and others for the good. One biggie factor I have seen is high school. Some live on like high school never ended. Then for some like me, life just began after being done with high school and my home town. My younger brother amd sister both live within 3 miles of my parent's house where we grew up and always have. I have lived and worked in 8 states from the east coast to the west coast. I'd say that has caused me to be changed alot more than my siblings
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    Default Re: Why do People change as quickly as they do?

    Some people haven't so much changed, but rather became more open and honest about who they really are.

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    Default Re: Why do People change as quickly as they do?

    A side note to this is that I have never, ever bought anything in my entire life because I saw an ad for it on a TV commercial. Why do people respond to whatever stimulus they respond to? Some people are like cows and are influenced by the herd. I'm like WYsteel - I left home at 17 and never looked back - lived in England for a year and on both coasts in this country. My brother has lived within 1/4 mile of where we grew up his entire life. I think for myself and don't run with the herd. Going back to Kipper's comment, I think generally people are dumber today than they were 20 years ago. They're not aware of anything happening outside of the United States, can't spell, are more disconnected from nature than ever, they buy a car because they like the cupholder, are dehumanized by being constantly glued to a smartphone, have no inkling about economics or planting a garden; you name it. My dad could sense a shift in wind direction and tell you what the weather was going to be for the next 24 hours. He was that tuned in to nature.

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    Default Re: Why do People change as quickly as they do?

    I went from being really a free spirit/Spiritual/liberal/"its gonna be a better world", hippie kinda guy to a conservative/worried about everything and not too confident in the future, "**** everyone" kinda guy but I try to remember that and balance it out some.....As I got older I really started to drink too much beer also, but I said **** it and still do that.....I did give up all drugs and smoking though........for what its worth.........
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