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Thread: TCU can take lessons from JoePa

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    Default TCU can take lessons from JoePa

    TCU can take lessons from JoePa

    Don Borst
    PRINT RSS Nov 7, 2010 7:25 PM ET

    Watching Joe Paterno win for the 400th time at Penn State reminds us in addition to how amazingly successful the man has been, and how incredibly old he is how little college football has changed.

    In his 45 seasons as a head coach, Paterno has enjoyed five undefeated seasons and two national championships, including one title when Penn State went 11-1. That's right, it's easy to forget that four times in his career, the incomparable JoePa ran the table from beginning to end ... only to go trophy-less.

    He's not the only coach who has been left satisfied by his team's perfect record but unsatisfied by the respect it has garnered nationally, but he knows the feeling better than anybody else.

    1968, 11-0 Ended regular season No. 3, behind 9-0 Ohio State and 9-0-1 USC; beat Kansas in Orange Bowl to finish No. 2 behind Buckeyes.
    1969, 11-0 Ended regular season No. 2, but this time lost the vote to 11-0 Texas; beat Missouri in Orange Bowl.
    1973, 12-0 Incredibly, ended regular season ranked 6th, behind three teams with a loss or a tie. No. 3 Notre Dame (10-0) beat No. 1 Alabama in a classic Sugar Bowl to win the title, while Lions were relegated to beating No. 12 LSU in Orange.
    1994, 12-0 Ended regular season No. 2, behind 12-0 Nebraska, but while NU beat No. 3 Miami in the Orange, the Fighting Paternos were allowed only to face No. 12 Oregon, and beat the Ducks in the Rose Bowl.

    Of course, in the 1960s and '70s the Nittany Lions were merely an "Eastern Independent," which was remarkably similar to being in the Western Athletic Conference or Mountain West Conference today. Penn State was considered as if it was in a lower division of upper-division football and was not taken seriously, even though the Lions answered every challenge, including winning bowl games.

    By the 1980s, Paterno had earned long-standing respect (after all, he'd been the head coach of one of college football's most successful programs for two decades!), and his 1982 team barged its way into the penthouse by beating No. 1 Georgia in the Sugar Bowl for a no-argument national championship. The Nittany Lions won it again in 1986 by scoring the greatest championship-game upset in history when Paterno's defense intercepted Vinny Testaverde five times in a 13-10 Fiesta Bowl decision over top-ranked Miami.

    Seven years later, Penn State joined the Big Ten ... and almost immediately went undefeated, but lost the 1994 poll argument to Tom Osborne and Nebraska, in part because the Big Ten's Rose Bowl contract committed Paterno's second-ranked team to face a three-loss upstart that had won the Pac-10 (a team called the Ducks, of all things).

    Sixteen years later, Paterno is still the toast of the college football world, and now it's youngish coaches like Chris Petersen at Boise State and Gary Patterson at TCU who are waving their arms in the dark trying to get that same world to notice them.

    Now it REALLY looks like Oregon and Auburn are the only remaining teams that control their own destiny into the BCS national championship game. Of course, if one or both was to be upset in one of their remaining games, it looks like TCU or Boise State might have to arm wrestle for the right to show up and become America's Team in Glendale, Ariz., on Jan. 10.

    I realize there have been times this column might read like I'm pushing for Boise State to get into the national championship game, but all I'm hoping for is a sense that the best two teams get to Glendale. And almost all along, I have felt that the Broncos are one of the best two ... but, geez, how good did TCU look in routing previously undefeated Utah?!

    It's going to be hard to tell a program that will have 26 consecutive wins if it runs the table (including beating TCU in a BCS bowl last January), that it hasn't done enough to get a chance to play for the right to be called No. 1.

    Joe Paterno can relate to that one, which is why he has long supported at least some sort of playoff.

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    Default Re: TCU can take lessons from JoePa

    Great article!!!!!!!!

    I still remember, yes I am that old.....when ****in ******** President Nixon declared Texas as National Champions over Penn State.,.I knew right then that ****in guy was an ******* and a crook!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: TCU can take lessons from JoePa

    That is a good article.

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    Default Re: TCU can take lessons from JoePa

    Living in Idaho, I can't stand Bozo State. You'd understand if you had to deal with their annoying fans on a continuous basis.

    Also, after PSU went to the Big 10, they only went undefeated once in that time. Which goes to show that when you play in a tough conference where most of the schools are **** good year in and year out, that playing a schedule of temple, syracuse, rutgers, and pitt every year wasn't exactly in the same ball park. Same goes for BSu and their whack schedule. Every year there are probably 2 good teams in that conference. This year it's Nevada, and BSu. So, beating schools like Utah State, New Mexico State, etc aren't that impressive. That's equivalent to those old 80's matchups of PSU vs Bowling Green.

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